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  1. Ben J

    Buying an Ebike for my commute to and from work to tackle a large gradient hill.

    Good choice, but be aware almost all of those will require pedaling to go up the hill. Hub drives are more likely to have a throttle so you could go uphill without any pedaling (assuming the bike has the power).
  2. Ben J

    Tero X 5.0 Fenders removed

    I highly recommend them. Before I bought mine, I watched reviews and "imagined" what it would be like given the devices capabilities. The ideas you have about weaknesses (like two lane roads, or range, or false alarms) are really not a problem at all in actual use. Having a mental picture of...
  3. Ben J

    Tero X 5.0 Fenders removed

    Didn't work for me. With no spacers (so set up for the largest tube diameter) it doesn't fit where my current mount is: The base of the dropper post just above the top of the seat tube. With spacers, it could probably go on the moving part of the dropper post, but at that point I might as well...
  4. Ben J

    Recommendation for ebike for commute on mountain trails

    > Tero3? (Tero, 4, 5, 6 all look like are much heavier) The hardtail 3 and the higher SKUs 4, 5 are all similar in weight except for minor accessories. The full suspension Tero X 4, 5, and 6 SKUs are heavier. If you are really going over mountainous terrain and want something light you should...
  5. Ben J

    Trying to decide on my first ebike

    My post was specifically about my Aventure.2 but it spawned some general discussion of fat tire bikes:
  6. Ben J

    Tero X 5.0 Fenders removed

    I was paranoid about that at first, but I've been over some rough terrain and never had an issue. Having to hold the base to twist it on/off isn't great, though. I'm going to try your suggested mount. (I also reassure myself that my bike would beep if the radar fell off and went out of range, so...
  7. Ben J

    Tero X 5.0 Fenders removed

    You can see it in profile in this pic from my thread: It has been working fine for me mounted like that for a year. It might work "better" if it were higher? But I haven't tried. You can see in the...
  8. Ben J

    Tero X 5.0 Fenders removed

    Looks so naked! What size frame is that? My XL has enough room on the frame part of the seatpost to mount a Varia. If I tried putting it on the dropper post like that I'd probably eject it 5 times per ride.
  9. Ben J

    Turbo Como 4 IGH - WALK ASSIST MODE

    The smallest. Consider it from the bike's point of view: You press walk assist. It's got to turn the mid-drive motor fast enough to move the bike at 3mph. However, it doesn't know what gear its in, so it doesn't know what speed it needs. If it turned fast enough to make the bike go 3mph in 1st...
  10. Ben J

    Turbo Como 4 IGH - WALK ASSIST MODE

    Walk assist is one area where hub drive bikes are superior. You just engage walk assist and the bike can drive the rear wheel at the exact assist speed. On mid-drive bikes, there has to be a feedback loop between how fast the motor turns and how fast the rear wheel turns. The speed sensors on...
  11. Ben J

    New Spec App?

    FYI, new spec app now does heartrate! It gets recorded and it uploads to Strava. It also replaces the straight kJ ~= Calories estimate with a HR based one which produces quite different numbers.
  12. Ben J

    Creo Upgrades and Modifications

    +1 for the peak design phone mount. It's fantastic. After using it on my bike (and committing to the associated case) I got their other products (like the wireless charging stand and the car mount) and I like them all.
  13. Ben J

    specialized creo 2

    This forum reminded me to check again and I see some Creo 2 models are in stock on Specialized's website.
  14. Ben J

    Mullet Mod Puts SRAM MTB 1x Transmission on Non-UDH

    That's a cool mod. From the description I was skeptical because anything that simply adapted a non-UDH hanger would not be strong enough. But instead they made a bracket to bolt to the axle.
  15. Ben J

    What's that rattle

    On my bike it was the brake rotors having a harmonic oscillation right at the frequency of the tire knobbles hitting the road at 16-21 mph. Different rotors with different stiffness made it go away.
  16. Ben J

    Aventure to Aventure.2 Upgrade?

    The Aventure.2 torque sensor is better than the Aventure (1) speed sensor, but not as good as higher end mid-drive bikes with torque sensors. You should try them out to make sure you're getting what you want before spending money on it.
  17. Ben J

    I am a Turbo Tero X 5.0 owner

    Beware you can only pair the bike to one app at a time. Usually it doesn't matter as long as you only launch one, but I accidentally launched the old one enough that I uninstalled it.
  18. Ben J

    I am a Turbo Tero X 5.0 owner

    Even with that I added a head mounted lamp for looking around corners and stuff. Used to work in the old app but doesn't anymore. You can still use the app to customize the display on the bike and show HR right on the bike. I only care to judge if my effort is getting too high (or too low) so I...
  19. Ben J

    Specialized releases Turbo Tero X

    In hindsight, if I had a Tero X 4.0 instead of a 6.0 I don't think I would have lost any real capability. That's despite the fact that I'm heavy and I live in a hilly area. I never would have drained the battery, and I never would have run out of power. I use TURBO about 1% of the time and TRAIL...
  20. Ben J

    I bought a Turbo Tero X 6.0, AMA

    There's a whole thread about it: tl;dr It's the next generation MTB derailleur that can shift smoothly under full load.