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  1. ZeroPointM

    RipCurrent S, unboxing pictures and first impressions.

    Purchase date 7-18-2018 Delivery date 8/14/18 RipCurrent S (750 Watts) / Aug '18 delivery Black / XL / 20" [Fits 6'0" to 6'4"] / 48 V / 19.2 Ah / $2,099 52 V / 19.2 Ah / $2,399 I have uploaded photos of the unboxing here. Busy week at work so I will post updates as time allows, but so far...
  2. ZeroPointM

    Electric Fat Bike Commuter

    During the course of searching for a commuter electric bike I decided on a few key feature basics. Must be production ready, no crowd funded or custom built. Fat tire 4in+, with road, trail(base), and snow variants. 500 watt base rating on the motor. 14Ah preferred minimum battery capacity...