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  1. Alvin1957

    The Green Room

    Hello and I'm stunned. I don't recall ever before having met a graduate (even in disembodied electronic form) of the Church of St. Mattress School of Advanced Thinkology. I'll let all my colleagues know that our penchant for setting up experiments and analyzing the results and making...
  2. Alvin1957

    The Green Room

    Please do be careful this 4th. Come on over to the Dallas area, get inside the I-635 belt and take a deep breath or two...feel the headache? That is not the effect of clean air. Take a fish from the Trinity River for dinner. There is no telling what industrial crap will attack your liver...
  3. Alvin1957

    The Green Room

    Hello John, An interesting line of thinking here. All the technological advancement and golly-gee gizmo stuff need not have been abused and overused. It does seem like we're in a race between the abuse and overuse of our ingenuity and appetite (race to extinction) and using that same ingenuity...
  4. Alvin1957

    The Green Room

    I agree. I have a lot more confidence in the human race than I let on.
  5. Alvin1957

    The Green Room

    Hey gang, Interesting reading. I am afraid (I suspect that you know) that this is going to go nowhere useful. There is an endless supply of self-deluding, internally sort-of-consistent stories that people will tell you about why climate change, acidification of oceans, radionuclide decay...
  6. Alvin1957

    You Cannot Buy A Brooks Bicycle Seat

    Hello Reed, Just got one in. Please try direct purchase from Brooks on-line. Shipped from Italy. Best of luck.
  7. Alvin1957

    I am finding it too hot to ride

    I have to drink the zero calorie waistline mandates it.
  8. Alvin1957

    I am finding it too hot to ride

    Same here. My bags are filled with Gatorade! Do have one of the silvery emergency blanket things if things get too bad and just have to hunker down and wait on help. It's not gotten that bad, yet.
  9. Alvin1957

    I am finding it too hot to ride

    I know what you mean about a black car. We took out the RV and I made the mistake of leaving the stabilizer bars in the sun for a few hours. Forgot to bring my thermal gloves. Made for a fine time trying to get the bars back on. Finally used a pair of my socks and that was still hot! For...
  10. Alvin1957

    I am finding it too hot to ride

    Hello from the Dallas area. Gets warm and humid here. Into low and mid 90's right now. We use the white, reflective sleeves, shirt and a reflective cap underneath the helmet. It should have an apron or skirt that covers your neck and ears. Also, get long shorts that come to just barely...
  11. Alvin1957

    Why there is no news channel that only airs good news.

    Hello there. I read something in some pop-psychology stuff (who know if true) that evolution-gone-wrong is at work here. Good news and no-threat information did not keep our ancestors from getting eaten by a leopard or stomped by a cape buffalo. Paying attention to the bad stuff is like...
  12. Alvin1957

    Trek Pedal recall - if you have the plastic pedals read this

    Hello there. You might take a look at Pedaling Innovation products. On all my bikes. Very, very wide and long (front to back). Two sets of grub screws included. Size makes for easy placement of foot in almost any position but especially with arch over spindle.
  13. Alvin1957

    Hello from Texas

    Hello! The only time I've been to McKinney was to get my Subaru! Not too familiar with the area. I ride mostly between Grand Prairie, Duncanville and on toward Italy, Cleburne and Weatherford. Been down toward Austin and San Antonio a few times on group rides back pre-e-bike. This year I'm...
  14. Alvin1957

    Hello from Texas

    Hello from Dallas/Ft. Worth. Welcome to the world of ebikes! Slowly and surely seeing more e-bikes about. Rain is a bit of a bummer right now but it's'll be gone in a few days and then back to riding. Be safe.
  15. Alvin1957

    TCU bolt cross threaded

    Hey there. Used to work in machine shop and hit similar problems. If you can get at the end of the bolt (if it passes all the way through the threaded female part), apply pressure to end of bolt (as though trying to push it back out) and turn counterclockwise (to loosen) VERY slowly...
  16. Alvin1957

    Ebike newb, Tall w/ chronic back problems & ancient ebike repair!

    Hello! Just a suggestion. Please try a Brooks flyer or similarly sprung seat. This has really eliminated pain in my lower back. Of course, the guys are right about a full suspension helping. Still, a worthwhile consideration. IMHO, a lot of padding doesn't help. The various shock...
  17. Alvin1957

    Do you wear a mask when you ride?

    On the mask thing...there aren't so many riders in my area that I can't easily steer clear. In any case, I carry a cartridge respirator in my top bag in the off chance that one is needed. Typical cloth mask does a pretty good job covering the exhaust port. Interesting line of discussion on...
  18. Alvin1957

    Giant No Longer a Value Brand? A Tale of Two Similar E-bikes, Two Years & $900 apart

    Hey there, Seems that I agree. Started with a 2014 Specialized Crossroads Elite (return to biking after long absence). Reasonably priced. Two years later picked up a 2016 Awol Elite. Relatively more expensive than competitors but easily available at the time. Still, very happy with the...
  19. Alvin1957

    Mid-Drive Shifting Technique

    Hello and just a thought...I have encountered the same loud 'clunk' when I think that I have backed off the pedal pressure. Finally realized that it (in my case) was when shifting from a lower gear to a higher gear. Not frequent, though. I suspect that the chain is dropping to a smaller rear...
  20. Alvin1957

    Brooks saddles ceases sales... to the UK!

    We have the same thing in the U.S. People not only misrepresent their own agendas but are quite willing to misrepresent their opponents agendas and views. Very disheartening on occasion. At least it all goes away for a few hours when out pedaling about.