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  1. SpiderDice

    Replacement Handlebars

    I'm looking for some new handlebars on my RR that don't have such a drop at the center. Same length is fine. Not looking for any cruiser style bars. What have you swapped your stock out with? Thanks!
  2. SpiderDice

    Radrover Controller & Display Upgrade Kit

    Annnnd it's gone again.. I'm glad I bought mine. Torque, acceleration and speed up hills is greatly increased. However, I am getting weird speeds with PAS 1-3. Sometimes, PAS 1 goes around 15mph, other times it's at 18mph. PAS 2 jumps to 21mph, while PAS 3 gets to around 23mph. Is there...
  3. SpiderDice

    Radrover Controller & Display Upgrade Kit

    What was the 52V battery you bought?
  4. SpiderDice

    Upgrading 2016 Battery

    Did you have to solder the connection to charge the pack?
  5. SpiderDice

    Upgrading 2016 Battery

    They are currently on backorder and priced at $399.
  6. SpiderDice

    Upgrading 2016 Battery

    I've charged it way more than 50 times..
  7. SpiderDice

    Upgrading 2016 Battery

    What kind of Luna charger do you have?
  8. SpiderDice

    Upgrading 2016 Battery

    Cool, thanks for the advice! I'll contact EM3ev and see what they can do to help out.
  9. SpiderDice

    Upgrading 2016 Battery

    Like many of you, I'm sure you still love your 2016 RadRover. With over 1700 miles on mine, I can definitely tell the battery is on it's last legs. I've been looking at the Bolton eBikes upgrade to the HMU and controller (which I will probably do), and I think a new battery is due as well...
  10. SpiderDice

    Let's talk Lights..

    Never got the headlight. But I did get the rear light that is working out well. It's AA batteries though..
  11. SpiderDice

    Radrover Controller & Display Upgrade Kit

    Awesome, thanks dude!
  12. SpiderDice

    Radrover Controller & Display Upgrade Kit

    Is that the Juiced Bikes horn/alarm?
  13. SpiderDice

    Upgrade HMI?

    Since we have a Bafang motor, and I'm assuming the same controller...are we able to swap out to a better HMI? Like this one? (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
  14. SpiderDice

    Tire Replacement Advice Needed

    Did you order them on Amazon? And have your LBS install them? How much was the install?
  15. SpiderDice

    Let's talk Lights..

    Haven't replaced my stock headlight yet..
  16. SpiderDice

    New Origin8 Supercell street tires!

    Sweet! Going to order a set of these!
  17. SpiderDice

    48v Pansonic GA 17.5ah Black Killer Whale Ebike Pack from Luna Cycles

    Wow...people still use Photobucket!?
  18. SpiderDice

    Poll : Which color did you choose ?

    If they sold the Rad Rover in that Rad Wagon Blue, I'd sell my white bike in a second.
  19. SpiderDice

    (2016) - Standard water bottle bracket?

    I have two white standard bottle cages on my bike, it does kind of pinch the cable a bit, but you can maneuver it around when you're tightening on the cages.