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  1. Concretefeet

    2023 Ripcurrent Upgraded Controller

    So here’s the deal. I have an old Ripcurrent S, I wanted the upgraded controller since I want more power and the form factor limits its size to be able to fit in the frame. I got the new controller and had to rewire it to fit a L1019 connector tor a 1000w bafang hub. Also had to order a new...
  2. Concretefeet

    Cruise Control and Overboost on new Ripcurrent S

    You throttle and hold down the down arrow and a little c appears in the top left of the display. It’s not new but nice that you’re noticing. Overboost is not new either! Lol. The controllers have a max amp rating that says 27a so 52v X27a is 1404w. I can’t wait to see an upgraded controller and...
  3. Concretefeet

    Smallest chainring / largest cassette installed on RipCurrent S?

    How about saying speed limits instead of “class 4” im lazy and stupid if I’m gonna do some tracks at speeds above 20mph. That’s pushing it anyway. Thanks for the heads up. Lol
  4. Concretefeet

    Ripcurrent Throttle and Pedal Assist cutting out at 51v

    So you moved the display away from the throttle? Let’s say a 1/4 inch?
  5. Concretefeet

    Swapped Hyperscorp controller into Ripcurrent

    the longer I have my Ripcurrent the more mods I’ve installed and the more holes I’ve had to tap. Ha.
  6. Concretefeet

    Low torque or high torque

    The Chinese ”cheaper so it’s ok to lie about whatever we want to sell our product“ is getting tiresome. When you actually get 130nm out of the Bafang, tell me. The controller should be a 80amp brick with 30ah battery. Then maybe you can run for an hour up and down the mountains at 80-90kmh...
  7. Concretefeet

    How to calculate battery charge cost

    So, the ACTUAL charging of battery was 7 HRS at 400watts? That’s not Pennies Ronin2000. Were talking real money now. If I had a 400w stereo bumping for 7hrs a day?
  8. Concretefeet

    Outsider motor upgrade issues

    Umm… Everyone wants faster and that includes me, but there’s a cost and your body isn’t worth it. With that out of the way, get a controller with higher amps and that will fit all your connectors. Learn motor basics and learn whats viable in your motor config. Learn that most ratings are...
  9. Concretefeet

    Intro re: My ebike, as asked by this forum.

    McAndy, For sure! You’ve a way with words! Tongue in cheek to boot! I like your style of writing and hope to hear more of your travels/experiences. And you’re right about the pool being deep...🙃🤔😬 Have a great day!
  10. Concretefeet

    Intro re: My ebike, as asked by this forum.

    Now that’s how you describe a bike! No pictures needed. lol
  11. Concretefeet

    Winding a Bafang

    What makes this tip so simple for all of us wanting to push our sealed gear hub motors, is it’s getting to the source of all of our problems. HEAT. And it’s MIGRATION. As of yet there really isn’t a better solution except opening up the entire assembly to open air. Lol. ATF is perfect for this...
  12. Concretefeet

    Winding a Bafang

    Best Advice I’ve gotten! ATF? Makes sense. High Heat tolerant fluid that wicks away the heat from my overboard throttle finger. Ha. It must get old, seeing people like myself that just want to go fast and be damned what happens. What’s crazy is what happens when you crash at 20mph and above...
  13. Concretefeet

    Winding a Bafang

    DUDE! Huge THANK YOU. You’re right. I have been coiling wires all morning. Haven’t decided what to do exactly.. I appreciate the heads up and will do a follow up after with pics. Cause, why not? lol. One mod that I did do which makes my RCS look insane is I changed spokes to 10g.. Being a noob...
  14. Concretefeet

    Winding a Bafang

    So I have a bafang G06 750 (7). Burnt windings. I have 18g & 22g magnet wire. I want a top speed of 30mph and I can only use the above wire. I was going to coat the stator with permatex 500 degree epoxy. What are your guys thoughts on this? Does the epoxy have what it takes to keep the windings...
  15. Concretefeet


    I haven’t used it except to test it. It doesn’t fit unless I take out the stock juiced battery in my RCS. The only thing that’s not useable is the bag. The quality of it is s*it. I’ll send it anyway. It’s BRAND NEW. You all know how much this thing is and it’s all legit. Panasonic cells and all...
  16. Concretefeet

    I love your experience and knowledge in the ebike world! It’s impressive for sure! I was just...

    I love your experience and knowledge in the ebike world! It’s impressive for sure! I was just saying about “proprietary“ juiced controllers being a PAIN TO SOURCE. Eunorau make them and what’s hilarious is I just received my Eunorau 1000w 28a today!
  17. Concretefeet

    Where can one purchase just a geared hub motor wheel, not a kit?

    Youre asking if someone has just purchased a single wheel with hub motor? GOOD LUCK. Thats some alibaba specific searching that ends up frustrating the hell out of me! Sincerely, Good luck. Youll find them.
  18. Concretefeet

    Trailer with hub motor, anyone try this?

    Why not a wheelbarrow?
  19. Concretefeet


    Not too shabby!! Glad you’re safe.