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    Wing e-bikes - DO NOT BUY

    Doesn't work for everyone and doesn't work every time but I am a big proponent of the "Cry once" theory of buying stuff you want.
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    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    Wasn't riding, but if you're in San Francisco, this was in Chinatown on Grant.
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    Let's get Locks and Chains made out of this ASAP!
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    Scott Adams on ebikes

    Check out Scott Adams take on ebikes. He does a daily morning video called "Coffee with Scott Adams". It's mostly about current news but today he has a short bit where he rhapsodizes about his new ebike. Go to his twitter feed and look for the video for July 3rd, 2020 starting about the 14...
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    U-lock or Folding Lock?

    I love REI and all but check out ebay also. You can save some on a new lock and even more on a slightly used Abus. For lock lite you might consider cable looped thru front wheel around barrier and ending at your cafe lock. For max lock do the above and also Abus U lock to the barrier.
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    Best mirror type?

    I don't know for certain if you can mount it further inward. I chose the end mount because it was the easiest. Looking at the picture of the plug, the grooved aluminum colored part goes into the handle bar and the mirror clamps onto the black part. If that black part is about the same OD as...
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    More People Are Biking These Days — So Why Are Kids Riding Less?

    So not one person here has ever come across a Critical Mass ride? Whenever I see one, I am amazed at how many young riders there are. They don't strike me as less than casual riders. They are on fixies hauling a$$ like they are in a Tour De France.
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    Best mirror type?

    Yes, you'll need the adapter to mount the mirror at the end of the bars. I got mine from Propel Long Beach. They are not cheap. Very high quality fit and finish. What you would expect from Germany.
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    25km/h? 32? 45? 60? What speed do you *actually* want on your e-bike?

    If I had it to do all over again I would have opted for a 28mph bike. My bike is a 20mph bike and for 90% of my riding, that is just fine. But there are brief times where there is an open stretch and I want to get ahead/away from the traffic, I find that a good cruising speed for me is in the...
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    Will ebikes really lead the EV revolution?

    I doubt it. It won't be anywhere near like China, maybe similar to Japan. I couldn't find that user age group survey from a few months ago but IIRC the majority were recreation focused old timers. Old timers with coin that is. You may have a few commuters but never a whole lot. For a...
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    Mid drive, Gates belt and hub gears.

    I guess it would be pretty easy to simulate those conditions to see if you can live with it. Just set your Nuvinci to maybe a middle gear and do your commute only varying the levels of assist. I live in a hilly area and on some hills I'm at the lowest gear and max assist and I'm sure glad when...
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    How do you lockup your ebike

    At home in the garage I use a massive Abus 37/80 padlock and Abus Granit 12mm chain tied to the base of a toolbox. I mostly just cruise around and then come home so I'll rarely if ever park and lock the bike for long. If I do, I'll park within sight, engage cafe lock and take controller. If I...
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    Who wants a Peloton anyway ? Lol

    Google "peloton spoof" and it should come up.
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    I did a modicum of research but made up my mind pretty quickly. My rather narrow set of parameters that were most important to me made the choice much simpler. 1) A highly visible name brand that I thought would support the bike without reservation. 2) No tinkering. A complete bike with very...
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    Shifting on Bosch and Brose motors.

    I have Bosch mid drive with belt and Enviolo hub and I ease up on pedals when shifting. And you can shift to wherever when stopped.
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    anybody ever get a flat with their shwalbe's and what was it from?

    My bike was near new, maybe 6 months old. Didn't know I had a flat until the next morning when I started out for another ride. I don't KNOW exactly what caused the flat but I am pretty sure what did it. There was some utility repair in the road just a block from my house. They had cut maybe...
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    Interesting look inside Riese & Mullers new production facility and their corporate culture

    I bought my R&M from that guy Scott on the left! There's my white model bike at 9:30.
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    Helmets...Wear Them!!!

    I don't like helmets. Never wore one when I was younger. But after the new e-bike and adamant family insistence, I now wear one. I DID NOT want to be that headline, "Newly retired bicyclist now in coma....."
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    "Bicycles have their proper place, and that place is under small boys delivering evening papers."

    I was a pretty scrawny kid back then and I wasn't strong enough to handle the bike loaded with papers with just one hand and be throwing with the other so it was collecting soda bottles for refunds!
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    "Bicycles have their proper place, and that place is under small boys delivering evening papers." P.J. is always a hoot!