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    Family ebike, it is feasible?

    We're thinking of downsizing to a single car family as the second vehicle just doesn't get much use. But for the occasion where there is a timing conflict, an ebike could fit the bill really well. This is based on the ease of jumping on a Lime bike and getting over for a social hour at...
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    Possible to convert an Enviolo to a Rohloff?

    thank you so much for your suggestion
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    Buying a House Advice Thread

    Our house had been on the market for 3 weeks before it received an 'asking price' offer, after just 4 viewings. Within a week, we had found a property we liked, and have sorted the mortgage, Solicitors, Surveys and everything. We are basically good to go right now. Buyer of our house took a...
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    OEM tire quality

    Is it just me or do Tires fitted in the factory wear much quicker then tires purchased from a retail store? It seem every new vehicle I have driven, the factory tires wear out within 35k miles. It is my assumption, a lot of negotiation goes on between the auto manufacturer when choosing a tire...
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    Specialized turbo vado SL 4.0 chainring information.

    With the current 44 tooth Praxis chainring, and a 12 speed 10-45 cassette, I feel like I spend most of my time around on the smallest cassette gear at 20mph at a cadence around 60. So far, I've worn out a chain and cassette every 600-800 miles, which seems like a lot, but I'm apparently not...
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    NH ebike trail ban bill.

    I'm trying to get my head around the reasons behind e-bikes being banned on some trails and not others. I'll be honest there is no e-bike banning that i am aware of in NZ. It appears mainly to be a US thing? Anyway what are that actual reasons? Here is what i can come up with. The...
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    Bosch Connect Module (GPS)

    Hi, within the Geocaching App (Android in my case), it is possible to navigate to a cache. The app suggests me e.g. "Waze" or "Komoot" to navigate. But I would love to see the "eBike Connect" App from Bosch as well to be able to navigate with my bike to the location of the Cache. Is that somehow...
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    Rear rack trunk bags? Messenger bag?

    Does anyone find a rear rack bag that fits well on the rush city?
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    E bikes with fenders

    I have a Levo Comp Alloy being delivered soon, and have been looking for a rear fender. I live in the states, and all the ones i've googled seem to be in Europe. I like the SicoMTBproducts fender, but not sure I can obtain one in the states. Any suggestions would be wonderful, especially with...
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    Kickstand for multicharger mixte

    My wife and I just left the automotive paint place where she had picked out the color for the mixte I am building for her. She asked the question" Will this bike have a kickstand?" I got a bit quiet and replied "Custom-built bikes don't get them"! It is fine for our touring bikes but not for...
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    Yamaha error 15

    I just got myself a 2017 Yamaha ex with the TR1 engine. Got it cheap due to error code 15. 15 - Incorrect Engine Temperature Sensor Signal Which temp sensor is it for, the one on the exhaust manifold, or the one on/in the engine under the intake air manifold? I assume it says engine temp, so...
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    Tongsheng slipping

    Hi, has anyone installed OSF on their tongsheng tsdz2b motor? If so, is it easy to do? And where can I find a programming cable?
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    Superdelite front wheel quick release axel

    Anyone have advice on pluses/minuses of a quick release threaded axle verses one that is an Allen head or something similar that requires a tool to remove?