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    battery life: better to not fully charge?

    For the most part, Stromer is simply stressing to the user that these batteries do not have memory issues, and can be harmed by deep discharge (all true). It doesn't surprise me at all that Stromer and other manufacturer don't mention the benefits of under-charging, since it's a bit too fiddly...
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    Pinhead locking skewers, etc for Evo Cross? Better alternative?

    The inversion locking skewer is a neat idea, as it eliminates the key. The good thing about the Pinhead setup is a single key works for all three devices. The seat post lock was essential to protect my BodyFloat. My saddle is still unsecure, but at least it's not a quick release. I'm...
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    Pinhead locking skewers, etc for Evo Cross? Better alternative?

    Reporting back. Front skewer, headset cap, and seat post collar do work well on my Cross. Although the rear skewer is not usable or needed, it's cheaper to buy a set that includes it instead of buying a la carte. The set I bought here includes the seat post collar. With the extra key direct...
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    Hard data to prove E-biking is NOT cheating.

    This totally jives with my ebike commuting pattern. No matter if I ride a regular bike, ebike at 50% assist, or ebike at max assist, I'm always pedaling at a certain level of exertion. The only thing that changes is my speed and how long it takes me to get where I'm going.
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    New here. Question on Safety

    I assume this is about unsupervised rides. It totally depends on the kid, location, and expected usage. I would not recommend an ebike as a straight up replacement for a kid's bike because, if you give a kid the extra range and speed of an ebike, they will take advantage of it. Suddenly they...
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    Has anyone had to replace their motor?

    Only 5k? Gosh, I'm at 2k after 6 months, sure glad to have BH's 5 year warranty.
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    Winter or cold weather battery storage

    BH's (Easy Motion) recommendation for long term storage is charge to 80%, then monitor and recharge as necessary every three months.
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    Grin Technologies Cycle Satiator charger on BH?

    I spent $4 on a timer at Home Depot, and it's simple to use. For example, if my charge level is 30% and I want 90%, I'll set the timer for 3 hours (it takes about 30 minutes per 10% charge). Once a week I'll charge to 100%, because I don't know if the BMS performs cell leveling unless...
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    Cat-Ears Wind Noise Reduction

    I did try them, and discontinued use for all the reasons cited above. Glad you found something that works well for you.
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    Cat-Ears Wind Noise Reduction

    Yes. Not great for a daily commute routine, since you have to keep buying them (disposable) or cleaning (reusable), put them in, take them out, stow them if you plan to re-use. I personally don't like the feel of stuff stuck into my ear canals (e.g., not a big fan of ear bud headphones)...
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    Pinhead locking skewers, etc for Evo Cross? Better alternative?

    I've been thinking of putting these on my Evo Cross. I'm not expecting iron clad security, just something good enough (combined with a Kryptonite u-lock) in a not-high crime area while shopping or going to a restaurant. Anybody know which of these (locking skewers, headset lock, seat lock)...
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    Cat-Ears Wind Noise Reduction

    Brrr! For really cold weather perhaps this model might be called for?
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    Cat-Ears Wind Noise Reduction

    Perhaps I'm particularly sensitive to noise, but I find that wind noise when traveling over 20Mph on a bike very distracting, and mildly stressful when sustained for the duration of my commute. I think these noise levels may even be detrimental to my hearing, since I'm on the bike over 6 hours...
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    replacement tires for Evo Cross

    Got the Marathon Plus HS 440. Installation wasn't too bad, though it took a little more effort than the stock tires. They seem to extend a bit further from the wheel, because I needed to adjust my kick stand to account for the additional height. They look and feel tough! The ride is smooth...
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    replacement tires for Evo Cross

    Very interesting. Unfortunately they don't seem to make 700x38c for the EVO Cross rims.
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    replacement tires for Evo Cross

    I have 1500 miles on my Evo Cross, and have had a rash of pinch flats lately on the rear, despite being diligent about tire pressure. 1500 miles doesn't seem like much, but my commute is mostly on bike paths, and includes traversing 20 underpasses a day, over a 22 mile roundtrip. The pavement...
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    California Ebike Law (Chiu) Almost Done

    The bill has been signed by the governor. I'm very happy that I'm no longer breaking the law daily when I commute on my 'motorized bicycle' on class 1 bike paths. This opens up a huge number of routes to law-abiding Californians...
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    battery life: better to not fully charge?

    On @JoePah 's suggestion, I bought a couple of $4 electrical timers at Home Depot (1 for home, 1 for work) and preset them to keep battery under 90%. I just plug in, turn clock to start charging, forget about it. Once a week I charge to 100%, just in case my BMS isn't balancing otherwise...
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    Weird PAS and throttle issue evo cross

    I wouldn't try to fix any of that - it's a brand new bike after all, the shop should support you.