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    Now I know why bikes arrive bent

    Actually, when FedEx and UPS merge the new company will be called F U :)
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    400 miles on my RadRover report

    I am a newby as well, but welcome. MrGold35 has been great to answer my questions. I've commuted to work 7 times (been freaking rained out the other days) but the RadRover is a ton of fun. Best money I have spent in years.
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    Don't miss the RadFit Stationary Bicycle Today Only!

    They had me until I was about to tell my wife about the dumbest product ever - as I started to speak it dawned on me. Well played, RadPower, well played!
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    Radrovers are in and shipping.

    Lets start with why I got this bike. Just turned 52, and need to loose weight and get in better shape. I hate to exercise just to exercise. Walking without a point, ugh. Swimming, biking, scenic hiking, sign me up. But silicon valley tech life keeps me pretty busy, and with family and...
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    Radrovers are in and shipping.

    Mine arrives today. I feel like a kid at Christmas!
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    2019 RadCity's are in and Shipping

    That was the conclusion I came to after many hours of research.
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    Hello from Silicon Valley

    Ordered my RadRover today and it should be delivered Friday, March 1. Very excited to start the adventures.
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    2019 RadCity's are in and Shipping

    Ordered a RadRover earlier today and it shipped within a few hours. Can't wait!