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    Evelo Aurora Limited vs Biktrix Ultra Duo 3 Step-Thru

    I got the Biktrix Jug 3 Ultra Step Thru. I got the Biktrix because I wanted the extra power. However, I found that Biktrix lowers the power settings of the motor as shipped. You can call and have them change firmware settings for more power, which I did, but they still don’t unleash the full...
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    Highly visible night-time helmet with visor

    I few months ago I bought a Lumos Kickstarter helmet for night-time visibility, meaning making me visible to cars. I love it. The only problem, and it is a big problem, is that it has no visor and I find myself frequently being blinded by sunlight while riding during the day. Sunglasses help the...
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    Evelo Aurora Limited vs Biktrix Ultra Duo 3 Step-Thru

    I currently have an order in with Evelo for an Aurora Limited scheduled to be delivered in January. I can't help looking at other options. Today I saw Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Step Through as a possible alternative. Here is what I love about the Evelo LE: 4 year warranty, automatic...
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    Walmart ebike with four year protection plan

    That link doesn't seem right since it is a square trade instead of allstate. Allstate is specifically listed as policy holder for walmart on the ebike purchase page.
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    Walmart ebike with four year protection plan

    Where did you get that warranty/protection info? I have been trying to get it from walmart but so far CSRs haven't been able to get it for me.
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    Anyone own an Ariel Rider Grizzly could do a mini-review?

    I am considering an Ariel Rider Grizzly and wonder if anyone has one and could comment on it. I saw a youtube video about it where it had trouble climbing a hill on throttle. That seems odd with 2000 watts of motor power.
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    Walmart ebike with four year protection plan

    Since my budget is around $900 I also have the option of getting a Rad Mission ebike (friend has $100 discount code). I am guessing the Rad would be a higher quality one. However the Rad bike warranty is one year vs. four for a Walmart one.
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    Walmart ebike with four year protection plan

    Well.... I have five months until my Evelo Aurora Limited arrives. I plan on getting an ebike at Walmart with the four year protection plan. I will use that ebike for five months and then the Walmart ebike will become a backup ebike and family ebike. Then I anticipate learning the answers to all...
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    Walmart ebike with four year protection plan

    Unknown. I need to contact walmart and get the detailed protection plan info.
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    Walmart ebike with four year protection plan

    Funny, but doesn't really address the question. If walmart will keep the bike running for four years..... Maybe it is worth it?
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    Walmart ebike with four year protection plan

    As a secondary/backup ebike I am considering an ebike from Walmart. The only reason I am considering this is due to their remarkable "protection plan" which costs $77 for FOUR years. It looks like even though it will be a cheapo junko, Walmart is guaranteeing to keep it working for FOUR years. I...
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    RAMP for ebike rack

    Thanks for sharing. Gives me ideas for a ramp that I didn't have before.
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    Inno INH142 four ebike rack?

    Right now my family has 4 mountain bikes. I have ordered an Evelo Aurora Limited. I have been looking for a hitch mounted rack that can hold 4 bikes, and preferably 4 ebikes in case our family eventually gets all ebikes. This is the only rack I have seen with that capability. However, it appears...
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    Is there any DOT headlight?

    I have carefully gone through the great posts and headlight ideas in this thread. My favorite is the Outbound Lighting Road but I hate the external battery so that will only work if I can't figure out an internal battery one. Best ones I saw in this thread were Fenix BC30R and Trelock LS950...
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    Thanks for the pointer to the Outbound. That looks like exactly what I need for mostly night street riding.
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    Aurora Limited tire protection

    I am about to purchase an Evelo Aurora Limited. They advertise the tires as being puncture resistant. I would like to know from others how good that puncture resistance is and if people have added other ways to improve that resistance.
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    Step-through + throttle + 30-40mph

    Researching ebike speed is tricky because some ebike makers don't seem to want to directly publish maximum bike speed. I am after a low step design with a throttle and speed in the 30 mph range. A friend recently told me about the Sondors LX/Cruiser. Their specs state 28+. Turns out you can use...
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    Help Selecting the Right eBike

    My favorites so far, based purely on internet research are the Evelo Aurora Limited and the Dost Drop. The Aurora can achieve 25 mph in off-road mode. I would love to hear from people who have ridden both. The Drop two-battery solution sounds great, but I don't know if I would use the extra...
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    Help Selecting the Right eBike

    That biktrix doesn't look like a true step-through.