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    RipCurrent S - Cruise control doesn't work ?

    Haven't tried cruise control at 15. The roads around here are too rough and I rarely go that fast. At such a speed I want to keep looking where I'm going rather than looking down to find the button on the controller and checking for the letter C to show up. Because the forks are so poor, my...
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    RipCurrent S - Cruise control doesn't work ?

    The cruise control on my 2023 Ripcurrent S is jerky. When set to a certain speed, say 10 MPH, It accelerates suddenly at high power till it gets to 12 MPH, then it shuts off completely. When it slows down to 10 MPH again, it powers on hard and accelerates back up to 12 MPH. It is so annoying...
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    Smallest chainring / largest cassette installed on RipCurrent S?

    I bought a 38 tooth chainring from Bikeinn to replace the stock 52 tooth. Took 40 days to arrive because it was not in stock at the time. Installation was easy with Allan key and the chain breaking tool to remove 4 links. I re-used the original chain ring guard plates. I put one chain ring...