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    Cycling with One Leg

    It's really nice to see these solutions
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    Unlocking power and battery range

    Yep, just to say, wind resistance increases exponentially
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    Your guess? - The new Tern ???

    I love it: - 200kg - Bosch Cargo Gen4 - 2x500Wh external batteries - Rohloff + Carbon Belt - flexible layouts I just dislike the E14, but I can live with that..
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    Why do you prefer a derailleur vs IGH (Internally Geared Hub)?

    A cost discussion without taking in account travelled distances is pretty much useless. IGH and Gates have been proved to be actually cheaper under the right conditions. One should not only compare how much money repairing an IGH vs a derailleur costs, but also (I'd say especially) how much...
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    Now Superdelite optional 625Wh powertube

    I read this here, but only for 51 and 56 frame size (+200€). Second battery always 500 Do you think we will ever seen sooner or later a 625 in a powerpack?
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    2020 Moustache Updates from Eurobike | Lundi | Xroad | Friday | Game

    Same but is really a double 625Wh with Gen4 Speed and Gates too much to ask?
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    Woohoo.. we are live with the exclusive new controller for bafang ultra.. and more goodies!

    Thanks, just as curiosity regarding the shipping, how much are we talking in terms of time and money?
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    UK Study finds bike commuting is more dangerous

    The guy gave for sure that since the truck came from behind, he would have remember him.. Since it's us on the bike (vs vehicles), we shall be double careful in order to make up for others deficiencies. The small truck, for example, was already half crossing the bike path right line, this...
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    Woohoo.. we are live with the exclusive new controller for bafang ultra.. and more goodies!

    @pushkar I must confess your ultimate commuter pro looks incredible actractive.. I'd just really love to have a try ride in order to assert personally the motor push and smoothness (compare to my gen3 bosch cx). Do you have any custom in (north) Germany or close? I'd also know about how does...
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    What is your current e-bike, and what do you hope will be your next?

    I did, or better: I let this been done by a mechanic.. a little expensive (1600€ only the rohloff itself, with the right spacer, etc etc) but considered I can travel much faster now it was worth it
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    Any interest in a Bosch based Ultimate Commuter Pro ?

    Why dont go with the 625Wh? Because they are inside the frame? Too long? Also, how would be the two batteries used? R&M alternate 5m (or similar) each normally
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    30 Chinese Cities are on Level 1 lockdown

    I'll just leave this here: This also got quickly censored in China: Also, it's particularly curious to notice that the...
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    What is your current e-bike, and what do you hope will be your next?

    I have a Charger 2017, on which I'm upgrading the N380 with a Rohloff for this very specific reason. For my next bike I'd like to have 2x625Wh batteries and some advanced function against thefts, such as automatic lock and an integrated gps
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    Greta Thunberg day in NYC

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    Stromer commuters

    Pinion is available since a while now.. I have no idea about its efficiency, but I'd say it should be pretty close. Imho, the advantages oveweights the disadvantages
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    Stromer commuters

    One thing it bugs me is why they keep using chain instead carbon belts.. torque?
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    Benefits of Ebikes - Outside magazine article

    I didnt know yet the MET unit (Metabolic Equivalent Task) but I always wanted to "parametrize" somehow the cycling activity, good to know, thanks for the article (and the corresponding study)! I'm gonna use that to help my now-retired parents on ebikes and leave the car in the garage
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    Rear light for dense city traffic

    I wanted to have the supernova brake light on my Bosch Perf CX, but apparently only the last gen4 is compatible, because whenever you brake, the engine had to provide additional power Is there a way (a light) which may still offer brake lighting on the CX motor?
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    Latest News from Riese & Müller

    What a pity, the 48V Revolution combining motor and gear hub was quite interesting..