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    How come the 2015 Pedego Interceptor (48V/10Ah) costs $645.00 > the 2016 Aerial Rider (48V/11.6Ah)?

    Christopher, I'm not sure why you keep ignoring what was stated early on. You keep talking about MSRP. Most people do not pay MSRP for bikes, sometimes people actually pay more and quite often people actually pay less. That means the rest of your argument comparing different MSRP's is...
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    How come the 2015 Pedego Interceptor (48V/10Ah) costs $645.00 > the 2016 Aerial Rider (48V/11.6Ah)?

    Christopher, you are just looking at MSRP. Shop around and you might be able to find a Pedego priced much closer to that other bike you are taking about. What you should really be asking is why anyone would buy an EBR (Aerial Rider) when you can get a much better Pedego by just shopping...
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    Winter or cold weather battery storage

    I had always heard good things about the Battery Tender for car and motorcycle batteries. It sounds like we need one for electric bikes.
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    Self filling water bottle

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    Commuter Bikes

    Consider the Pedego Stretch. Even if you don't need the cargo capabilities. I found that the Pedego Stretch had a great riding position and was very comfortable and stable.
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    Buying a new bike

    I agree with pxpaulax. Crazy Lenny's is great!
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    Fat Tire Beach Cruisers - Same Bikes with Different Names?

    I'm considering a Fat Tire Beach Cruiser because I like the upright riding position and the fat tires can help offer a smooth ride. I've found quite a few online that all seem to be the exact same bike from China, they just have different names. Here are the one's I've found so far. E-Lux...
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    Pedego Stretch Review - better than an Interceptor?

    Today I rented a Pedego Stretch for a few hours and I thought I'd offer a quick review in case anyone is interested. I haven't found many reviews out there for the Stretch, probably because it's rather new. The bike I rode had the larger battery (48 V, 17 AH). I rode 22 miles with a total...
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    E-lux anyone?

    Congrats! How tall are you? The E-Lux Fat Tire bike is something I think I would really like but I'm 6'4" and have pretty long legs. Do you think it would fit someone that's kind of tall? Thanks, Dave
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    Pedego Pricing?

    Thanks Ann! The main reason I'm looking at the Stretch is because I'm 6'4" tall with long legs. I rode the Interceptor and it was ok but then I rode the Stretch and the Stretch felt much more stable at high speed. It would be nice to take the kids on a ride on the back, but first I want to...
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    Pedego Pricing?

    I'm considering buying a Pedego Stretch but it seems like the prices are all the same no matter where I look. Does Pedego control their pricing at all of the dealers? What's the best way to get a good deal? Thanks, Dave