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    Vado firmware update

    Lot easier to just pump the tire up and measure the circumference. If you don't have a tape measure or a piece of string (non-stretch please) will do.
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    House Representatives Panetta & Blumenauer introduce "e-bike Act" federal tax credit

    Wonder if Specialized was aware of a tax credit proposal when it posted its big price increases.
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    Trek Domane+ HP 7 vs Specialized Turbo Creo SL Carbon Comp

    A rider 6 months riding the Creo and another rider 6 months on the Domane HP, which rider do you think would be the more fit in comparison to where he had started from. My money says the Creo guy would retain more of his fitness. YMMV . . . but not really.
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    Need to remove wheel to change brake pads?

    Need to find a good video on how to change brake pads.
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    Do I need new pads?

    They look okay, to my eye. Having said that, I would order replacements now as there maybe an availability problem if you wait until they must be replaced. Also there are Park videos showing how to determine if your pads need replacement.
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    40% of escooter riders are injured on very first ride

    Leaves you wondering how many thousands of escooterees survived their first rides without injury or incident. But then the presumptuous would jump in and infer the survey showed 40% of ALL riders where injured on first ride and say "Dang. That's far worse than I would have guessed."
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    Harley-Davidson officially spins off new electric bicycle company with stunning first model

    Hmmm, you got the presumptive arrogance of youth down pat.
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    Harley-Davidson officially spins off new electric bicycle company with stunning first model

    And, may I ask, "is there something wrong with being 'old'"?
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    Skinny higher pressure tires make a difference

    I find this actual test compelling. Riding on rollers it was observed that: Tire width and Power needed to maintain speed: 28mm 90 psi 45 kph 299 W 28mm 70 psi 45 kph 327 W 40mm 70 psi 45 kph 449 W 40mm 40 psi 45 kph 516 W [Summary at...
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    Are we getting suckered by online eBike companys?

    "Claiming"? You would question whether credit card companies charge that much. Wow, you must be a millennial. ;)
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    An Excellent Rundown on Present Bike Industry Situation

    On one hand it is not simple to "out compete" the Chinese for components/production from Chinese plants. On the other hand it is not all that difficult. The dividing point is that Chinese have placed orders that the plants will have to fulfill. So, of course a North American distributor...
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    An Excellent Rundown on Present Bike Industry Situation

    The reason I brought the ebike market in China and Asia into the discussion is because to some degree those bikes are available for export to the US/EU. When China has enough production to support 200 million ebikes, then American internet distributors only need to out compete, i.e...
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    An Excellent Rundown on Present Bike Industry Situation

    How strong is the bike market in China, India, east Asia overall? Should this be factored into the equation.
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    The e-bike under exercising myth.

    Thought I was keeping up conditioning on the ebike, but no. Got back on the road bike and hills I could climb when a got on the ebike a year and a half ago are beyond me by a good margin today. And that's with 6,300 miles. 350/month and about the same number of hours as on the road bike...
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    Difference between Vado 4.0 2020 and 2021

    If I were in your position, I would start by going to the Vado 4.0 compare page on this website, and print it. This would give me the list of the 2020 specs on which I could write down the 2021 specs as I located them. gl
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    Beware the Specialized "Warranty"

    Is this a brake problem or an owner insisting its a warranty problem. If that latter, don't think brake pads should be a warranty item any more than a flat tire is.
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    Why are bike rear rack weight limits so low?

    Do you think it matters that Bolton, the bike manufacturer, is saying it is okay for the rack AND the bike? Whereas a rack maker is only concerned with the rack and perhaps knows that to sell aftermarket racks he needs to have a high weight guarantee.
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    Specialized Vado 4.0 Motor Problem

    Also, might try giving your battery a firm slap to make sure its is seated properly. If that fails, try removing the battery and reinstall finishing with a slap. My battery was also fussy and I learn, once got it right, leave it.