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    Just ordered a Zen Samurai

    Ordered my zen samurai today. Four reasons. NYC requirement that e-bikes be UL certified ultimately means I couldn’t keep using my tsdz2/battery combo (building I live in won’t allow it). The new requirement makes sense to me though I know other opinions will vary. Second, I’m 6’4” and finding a...
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    tsdz2 with osf - motor cuts off few seconds after i start pedaling

    thanks. got a really helpful note there. much appreciate the suggestion.
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    tsdz2 with osf - motor cuts off few seconds after i start pedaling

    hi, just installed tsdz2 on my tour easy, and display has full function when everything connected, but about ten seconds after i start pedaling the motor power cuts off -- no change in the display, so it appears all the connections are still sound. i didn't install the speed sensor, but this is...
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    kindernay xiv and vii internal gear hydraulic shifting hose - bleed schedule and frequency?

    hi, how often must the shift hoses be bled as regular maintenance for the kindernay internal gear hubs?
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    tern hsd comfort for touring for tall rider?

    Hi, i'm 6' 4" and considering a tern hsd for commuting, errands, recreational riding and also long distance touring. but i'm concerned about comfort for all day rides on the bicycle. if other taller riders have experience touring/long recreational rides on a tern hsd, much appreciate your...