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  1. CodyDog

    Builder gone to the dark side.

    Very nice bike!
  2. CodyDog

    Another Turbo Vado Ergonomics Thread

    My wife has a Como and I have a Vado SL. Yes, it is much easier to load the Vado SL. A lot of time for convenience sake, I do not attached the rack. Instead I load the bikes in the back of my truck. That's when the Como seems really heavy. As far as the riding position of the Vado SL, it is...
  3. CodyDog

    Turbo Vado SL 4.0 vs 5.0 SL EQ(Possibly pre-owned)

    Side by side the SL 5.0 would be my choice due to better specs and features. But as they say "buyer beware" on a used ebike. Do your homework if you choose the used bike.
  4. CodyDog

    Are newer hub motors as capable as mid drives?

    Which make and model is this bike? looks fabulous.
  5. CodyDog

    Converted my Turbo Vado SL 5 to a Drop Bar

    Nice mods! What Brooks saddle are you going with?
  6. CodyDog

    Turbo Vado SL 5.0 or Fx+2

    I have the Vado SL 5EQ. Love it. I would definitely go with a Class 3.
  7. CodyDog

    Happy wife, Happy Life!

    Now the waiting begins.
  8. CodyDog

    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como/Tero/Tero X User Club

    I had a B67 on a Rad Rover years ago, great saddle.
  9. CodyDog

    Is Vado Smoking Addictive?

    Always enjoy seeing your builds.
  10. CodyDog

    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como/Tero/Tero X User Club

    Okay, new saddle day! Love my Vado SL but never could like the saddle. Had a Brooks years ago on my Rover so I'm trying a Brooks B17 (narrow). Hopefully after break-in , I'll love this saddle. Anybody else riding on a Brooks?
  11. CodyDog

    A not quite newbie experience with the FLX Blade 2.0

    Curious....why 4 bike since June? Have you kept them all (which would be really cool) or just one?
  12. CodyDog

    Crash today on black ice

    Sorry to hear about your accident. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  13. CodyDog

    Article Discussion: E-Bike Plague Hits State Parks

    Tyler doesn't have a clue. Large population concentrated on the coast is his real issue. Good luck!
  14. CodyDog

    Specialized Tero 4.0 climbing capabilities

    Ditto what Stephan stated. I had the similar motor on my 21 Turbo comp and hills were not a problem.
  15. CodyDog

    Help to choose between Turbo tero 4 and 5

    There's two schools of thought here. Stay with the standard offering or choose the upgraded model. If you plan on riding a lot and keeping the Tero for a long time then I would go with the upgraded model.
  16. CodyDog

    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    I wish you a quick and painless recovery.
  17. CodyDog

    Help me Choose a versatile E-Bike

    I like the specialized Turbo Tero. Great bike for the money. I would definitely push for the 5.0 if its in your budget. We have had three Specialized (currently 2 now). The Como, Turbo Levo Comp and the Turbo SL. All have been great bikes.
  18. CodyDog

    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    Thanks for the pictures. What type of riding do you mostly do? What inspired you to go wider?
  19. CodyDog

    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    With fenders off, anyone running larger than 42's on the SL/SL EQ? I currently have 38 Pathfinders. I will be doing more riding on gravel and dirt in the upcoming new year. Thinking a little bit more traction on the single tracks would be warranted.