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  1. nf94

    Best Bike Trailers for E-bikes?

    Hey, I have been doing bicycle deliveries for mutual aid groups in NYC, and a large courier backpack + panniers is not cutting it. I'm wondering what kinds of trailers might have the best compatibility and utility for an rearhub ebike? Burley Flatbed Trailer The Burley flatbed trailer is...
  2. nf94

    The Bike Bucket

    I figured I would start a thread about my favorite pannier system, The Bike Bucket, to see whether other have had experience with them. I'd like to learn how to make them, but they well-made buckets from their website a cheap enough in comparison to any pannier I've used, that I've only ever...
  3. nf94

    Tow-Whee Bike Tow Rope

    I think the idea of the TowWhee rope is to distribute the energy expenditure of long rides or uphill rides more evenly between two riders with different levels of endurance. The leading biker partially tows the rider lagging behind, giving them some of their energy output. It essentially should...
  4. nf94

    Tow-Whee Bike Tow Rope

    Does anyone have any experience using the adult Tow-Whee with adult riders or any Tow-Whee? Could this be used in urban environments?
  5. nf94

    Trail-a-Bike and Similar Products

    Does anyone have experience using Trail-a-bike or similar products with ebikes? I am also wondering whether people know of products that would allow for an adult to ride this way (essentially allowing someone to transform a single-rider ebike into an adult tandem bike)?
  6. nf94

    Companion Bike Seats

    Thanks, before buying the Flash, I was looking at a number of bikes built to have an extra rider, such as those from RadPower, Juiced, and Super73, which is what directed me towards the idea or 2-riders, but ultimately I did want a more standard bike frame, pedal-assist concept bike, rather than...
  7. nf94

    Companion Bike Seats

    Yeah, I think I'll wait a year or so before I start pushing the limits of my bike just because it's new and I use it for my main transportation, but I feel the same way. Once I've gotten a lot of use out of it, if it has held up, I'm happy to replace parts.
  8. nf94

    Compatible Trailers?

    Does anyone know if the Bob Yak Trailer can be compatible will this ebike?
  9. nf94

    Map of Free Charging Outlets in NYC?

    I am wondering whether a resource exists that maps out the free (or paid, I suppose) ebike charging outlets throughout NYC. If it does not exist, I'm wondering whether it's something that could be produced easily enough, and perhaps for more cities. To make a quick example of what it could look...
  10. nf94

    What Shops Work on This Bike?

    I've had a few bike shops near my work and home say that they don't know about this bike and would not work on the electrical issues. One said they will not touch the bike and the others said they could replace the tubes and do some basic maintenance. Flash's website claims that they will...
  11. nf94

    What Shops Work on This Bike?

    I am the type of person to just figure out mechanical problems as I go with my non-e-bikes, but I expect to encounter more problems that I'm less versed in over the course of owning ebikes. I understand that owning Trek or Arrow bikes, there is a large ownership base in the US, so there are...
  12. nf94

    Experiences with ebike insurance

    Sounds like I was in a similar boat. I wasn't sure whether I was going overboard with my Velosurance quote (I basically maxed out on every option), but since I use bikes instead of cars and the bus, and medical insurance in this country is on the worse end, I figure I need something to make sure...
  13. nf94

    E-bike that seats two but not tandem

    The manufacturer stated that "the max rider weight with bike and cargo is 300 lbs." I'm okay with extra maintenance (though I wouldn't have a passenger all of the time), but I don't want to total the bike over experimenting with the seat, especially because others seem to be experimenting with...
  14. nf94


    I recently purchased Velosurance. Would be interested to hear about anyone's experience using it.
  15. nf94

    Top Ebike Flatless Tires/Tubes for Commuting/Heavy Urban Use

    Well the thread is intended as a more general thread about tires for a wide range of tire sizes. It looks like even people running really small tires go with Schwalbe. If you want to help me out with picking my next tires, I have a Flash V1 City, and it has a 26" x 2.10" (54-559) tire. Here is...
  16. nf94

    Experiences with ebike insurance

    I just got Velosurance / Markel for a Class 2 ebike, so I'll keep you posted. I commute in New York City, so I was wanting theft and medical insurance, which seemed like a good option. Geico said they do not do ebike riding insurance (perhaps homeowner property insurance is different).
  17. nf94

    Compatibility with Companion Bike Seat?

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the compatibility of the Flash V1 with the Companion Bike Seat? And specifically the possibility of riding two adults, one sitting on the bike seat? Flash says that the max weight of their bike is 300 lbs, and they say, "The bike is not intended to carry...
  18. nf94

    Battery noise

    I do not. I do hear a high pitched noise when I have the bike at level 4 and use the throttle.
  19. nf94

    Known Issues & Problems with Flash Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I'm following this forum.
  20. nf94

    Top Ebike Flatless Tires/Tubes for Commuting/Heavy Urban Use

    I'm wanting to get some information about the top tires people are using for ebike commuting (or heavy use) within urban environments. I now commute from Bronx to Manhattan and Bronx to Brooklyn multiple times per week and recently decided to do this via ebike. I generally encounter excessive...