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  1. xMarcus

    Bosch motor turns off in cold

    Display is Purion. How do you clean the battery contacts?
  2. xMarcus

    Bosch motor turns off in cold

    Riding in the NYC winter in the low to mid thirties I have observed that my Bosch 2018 CX motor will sometimes not turn on in the cold weather or will turn off when riding. Storing and charging the battery indoors definitely helps but it doesn't prevent the issue. Same for the use of...
  3. xMarcus

    Family ebike tours?

    Are there any recommendations for guided family eBike tours in Europe or elsewhere. My kids are 8 & 10 so it would have to be fairly easy terrain.
  4. xMarcus

    2020 Moustache Updates from Eurobike | Lundi | Xroad | Friday | Game

    Chris how would you guide someone between choosing the Moustache Friday FS Speed vs R&M Delite Speed for sporty city (NYC) usage? I've always liked the style of the Moustache bikes and it seems like you can get a 625 Wh battery which is a nice compromise between the 500 (not enough power for...
  5. xMarcus

    Theft prevention with Purion

    Is there any way to "lock" your Bosch motor to prevent someone from turning it on? In this case with the Purion display which can't be removed from the bike. I'm thinking of some kind of "secret" Purion button combination to turn off/on the bike (other than the Power button :).
  6. xMarcus

    Battery level bars

    The Purion display shows 5 bars which I assumed were in 20% increments. However it seems to me that the last two bars get used up faster than the first two. Do the bars really represent 20% each (and I'm just being neurotic)?
  7. xMarcus

    Performance Line Speed vs CX with dongle

    Hi When comparing Performance Line Speed vs CX I am aware that CX has more torque while Speed has a higher top speed. If a dongle is added to a CX install does this effectively provide the best of both worlds with the highest amount of torque and speed? Thanks