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  1. Chuck E. Cheese

    FS: Stromer BQ814 battery.

    Selling my 1 of 2 my BQ814 batteries. I just don't need it. Details in the For Sale forum.
  2. Chuck E. Cheese

    FS: Stromer BQ814 Battery- LOWERED PRICE

    I have a spare Stromer Gold 814WH battery (Fits models ST1x/ ST2/ ST2s/ ST3/ ST5/ ST7) which I do not use and would like to sell. I got a second one hoping to make some longer trips. I ended up needing two charged batteries exactly once. It is more of a concern keeping it conditioned than it...
  3. Chuck E. Cheese

    How do I get an Omni C?

    Do be aware that in order to use the data available on the Omni (at least in the U.S., and maybe elsewhere- I am not sure) you must upgrade to the 3G Omni-C. The original Omni uses 2G, whose frequencies the FCC reassigned for some other communication. It doesn't work for cell connectivity...
  4. Chuck E. Cheese

    How do I get an Omni C?

    I got mine from Crazy Lenny's. It was an easy swap. It took longer and was more difficult to get it activated than it was to replace, but the whole thing was honestly pretty painless.
  5. Chuck E. Cheese

    ST2 Motor Cable Replacement Procedure

    It's worth spending some time searching youtube for a video of the procedure. I don't have a link handy, but when I replaced mine it was nice to have. You're right about removing the battery compartment to access the existing cables. The two things I remember well are 1:) Keep track of which...
  6. Chuck E. Cheese

    Softening the ride without breaking the bank

    I am assuming I’m to late in responding to be of any help to you, but for anyone else who decides to swap handlebars the easiest thing to do is to take some phone pictures of how the shifters, brakes, and switches all fit together on the bar as shipped from Stromer. Look underneath too to see...
  7. Chuck E. Cheese

    Baramind suspension handlebar - softening the ride

    They make three different styles: a flat MTB bar with different inserts to fine tune the degree of flexibility depending on how hard you ride, a “Trek” model which I have that looks nearly identical to the OEM bar on my Stromer ST2, and a “City” model with greater sweep backward and are softer...
  8. Chuck E. Cheese

    Anyone route a dropper seat post with an internal cable?

    I had to swap a motor control cable when my original one failed a week after receiving my ST2. I've also replaced my original Omni with an Omni-C, so I have had a pretty good look at the inside of the frame in those areas. From what I've seen, the removal/ reassembly of the internal plastic...
  9. Chuck E. Cheese

    Anyone route a dropper seat post with an internal cable?

    Do people even put dropper seat posts on commuter bikes?
  10. Chuck E. Cheese

    Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires on ST2?

    I had terrible luck with my Big Bens on my ST2 in the rain. I very nearly lost control twice, and both times the tires were to blame. I replaced them with Schwalbe Marathon GT365 “all season” tires with a more aggressive tread. They are much better in the wet.
  11. Chuck E. Cheese

    How to remove Omni on ST2s

    I ordered an Omni C from my dealer in early January and hope it will be here soon. I plan to swap it myself as the closest Stromer dealer is 200 miles away. I replaced a faulty motor control cable myself when the original one failed during the first week I had the bike, so I am not worried...
  12. Chuck E. Cheese

    Stromer ST1X Omni 2G Gone 2020

    Does anyone know of a video or printed instruction manual for replacing the original Omni with the new Omni-C? I just ordered one, but have not yet found any instructions on how to do it. I replaced a bad motor control cable when I first got the ebike and it's worked perfectly since. I have...
  13. Chuck E. Cheese

    (Refund Refused/More Issues) My Experience - Brand New Stromer. 3 months of ownership, 2 months of repairs.

    It's important to avoid confusing anecdotes with real data. But when anecdotes begin piling up it's time to look at them as providing statistically significant information. The bad motor cables on the ST2/ ST2s are one of those frequent anecdotes that suggest there was something more than...
  14. Chuck E. Cheese

    STROMER Accessories, Alteration to Specs, Configuration etc.

    I started a similar thread last year around suspension and comfort accessories. You might check that out for some ideas.
  15. Chuck E. Cheese

    Tubeless ST2?

    I’ve thought about doing the same. Right now I have Schwalbe Marathon GT365 tires, Mr. Tuffy Brown tire liners, and slime pre-filled tubes. That’s a lot of weight and even though it protects fabulously from punctures I keep waiting for the inevitable pinch flat. I keep my tires inflated...
  16. Chuck E. Cheese

    St1x tomorrow

    I got on the preorder mailing list for the Baramind Trek handlebar last year. The day it was announced as being available I ordered it. I posted about it here last summer when I got it, so the exact time it took to arrive is archived, but I think it was 10 days. I just remember being...
  17. Chuck E. Cheese

    Stolen Bike

    That is such great news. There are a few articles from several years ago online that describe similar results of stolen Stromers. I still lock mine with an Abus Bordo 6500 and/ or a Foldylock when I leave it parked near the big university campus in my town. But knowing there is a possibility...
  18. Chuck E. Cheese

    Stromer ST1 prototype disclosure

    The cyclleaddicts link above says something about “limited connectivity”. Does anyone know what that might mean?
  19. Chuck E. Cheese

    ST5 handlebar thread on Reddit

    I saw this today. As disturbing as it is perplexing. I thought maybe someone here with first hand experience might have a suggestion for this guy: