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  1. emco5

    Hammacher Schlemmer

    A 250 watt hub is minimal assistance for a lightweight two wheeler. That trike is heavy. Slight boost would be noticed on level ground but there wouldn't be much energy on inclines and zip on hills, especially with a load of stuff in the basket. If you need a trike, get one and put a...
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    Play in rear wheel

    "So slight" sounds about right. Here is good article from Park Tool on the subject
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    would it work for me?

    If you can pedal long enough and strong enough under power to maintain 10mph up those hills, it might work. You will be assisting the motor to keep it from lugging and overheating. With those hills, a Bafang mid-drive might be a better way to go. Their 350w would be stronger than a 350w...
  4. emco5

    Can you count on the Electric Bike Manufacturer being there?

    With so many entrepreneurs currently offering up eBikes, it sort of makes buying one similar to investing in the stock market: only invest what you can afford to lose. If you can't turn a blind eye to getting burned, then stay with the well known established brands and let somebody else play...
  5. emco5

    HUB vs MID DRIVE - how can I compare?

    Ravi, I know where you are coming from, and kudos for the efforts [seriously, wow]. I've been riding eBikes since 1998 and do not have as many accumulated miles as your records, but I base my opinions on the ride-ability of mids on steep hills [more than 8% in Seattle]. Obviously, a large hub...
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    HUB vs MID DRIVE - how can I compare?

    > > Not ideal in all cases, but a mid-drive with rear derailleur setup is an excellent hill climber. Ravi, sorry, but you are not always right. Anyone who has ridden both a hub and mid-drive up hills knows what I'm talking about.
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    HUB vs MID DRIVE - how can I compare?

    Not ideal in all cases, but a mid-drive with rear derailleur setup is an excellent hill climber.
  8. emco5

    Crank Forward Electric Bikes

    The Lift's 65.5* seat tube does give it slight crank forward geometry, but it isn't enough for flat footing. It is a very comfortable riding bike, though.
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    Crank Forward Electric Bikes

    Checkout these bikes.
  10. emco5

    Is there's too much emphasis on speed in the industry ?

    The question about eBike speed will not be answered by the myopic consumer. When accidents, injuries, and lawsuits start costing businesses and insurance companies money, expect a rewrite of the current eBike classes, strict use regulation, inspections and licensing.
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    Ebike market crowded....shakeout imminent?

    That is how I see the eBike market evolving. The large bicycle companies are sitting back and watching the proceedings. Trek, for example, who is a major player in the bicycle game, currently has 14 eBike flavors in their line. They have the engineering and manufacturing resources, and...
  12. emco5

    Changing minds, one encounter at a time

    I get approached so often with the usual questions that I've printed up an info sheet about my bike and eBikes in general. It tends to create happy people.
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    Check out the Cool new Piaggio Line of Ebikes called Wi BIke

    An interesting observation about human behavior is that we tend to make more negative than positive noise. Upset people like to vent while the happy ones are quietly content. The internet is a collective dumping ground of whining about product problems. If we take perspective into account...
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    Check out the Cool new Piaggio Line of Ebikes called Wi BIke

    The electrical systems [and mechanical reliability] with my 2005 GT200 and 2010 GTS300 Vespas, ridden over a span of 14 years, were flawless. The old Vespa small-wheel, small-frame 2-stroke scooters were spartan, but Vespa stepped up to Japanese automotive industry standards with the...
  15. emco5

    A novice needs sub $900.00 eBike buying advice.... :)

    The CR 350w hub was used most of one season before it was edged out of the game by a 250w mid-drive. Its accumulated mileage was a bit over 600. Most of the rides were short daily errands, and grocery trips a few times a week, so I never experienced diminished range. Battery degradation over...
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    A novice needs sub $900.00 eBike buying advice.... :)

    Clean Republic has been a supplier of add-on 250w and 350w [Bafang] hubs. I put their 350 kit on one of my bikes and it did a good job assisting me up hills. They have recently introduced a complete, 350w foldable eBike close to your price point. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Clean...
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    A2B Velociti

    There appears to be rusty steel and corrosion in that photo, the bike must have been stored out in the weather. Electronics don't like moisture. Have the dealer check the motor, controller, wiring continuity and switches.
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    Bike damage after an accident

    Time and materials required to do damage estimates are not free. If a shop will be involved in the replacement of the bike they might not charge you, but otherwise the work will be billable.
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    Bike damage after an accident

    In a rear-ender, insurance companies generally consider the guy in back at fault and his insurance company pays damages. From what you have described, if they were my bikes I would take them to a well established bike shop and have the frame alignment surveyed. A lateral force strong enough...
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    $169.00 conversion?

    Somebody lifted the R&D from Add-E and Go-E. Building strength and durability into a product requires a certain level of material quality. There is no cheap work-around for that. The Eazy-Bike should assist pedaling... on level ground.... for a while. Even now as a senior I don't find...