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  1. Trail Cruiser

    Magnum Metro+ Electric Bike 48v, 500w, Speed Pedelec, bodyfloat, Air Zound

    Ebay sale: Magnum Metro+ Electric Bike 48v, 500w Speed Pedelec, Bodyfloat, Air Zound, with Throttle 1,218 miles on the odometer Bodyfloat (Kinekt) suspension post ($249 value) Delta Air Zound Extended front mud flap that keeps your feet dry when riding...
  2. Trail Cruiser

    Specialized Vado 4.0 - Beware

    The 11 teeth cog of the 10 Speed 1x10 Shimano Deore 11-42 Tooth is too small and does not have enough strength to last from the high torque of the electric motor. If you can use the stronger 13 teeth cog (9th gear) instead 11 teeth cog (10th gear) for high speed cruising that would be nicer...
  3. Trail Cruiser

    What are your plans for winter exercise? Keep riding your ebike or an exercise bike?

    Without the subscription, I can still use the metrics but the main screen is blank. The blank space is perfect for my tablet so I can watch whatever news or shows or browse the internet while cycling.
  4. Trail Cruiser

    What are your plans for winter exercise? Keep riding your ebike or an exercise bike?

    I am done with online classes. I stopped the monthly subscription. Many instructors are unrealistic in pushing the class and are cheating. They say put it to "50" resistance level with 90 cadence but they don't really dial up their own resistance level. Lots of blah blah uptalking feel good...
  5. Trail Cruiser

    What are your plans for winter exercise? Keep riding your ebike or an exercise bike?

    My plan B. Sometimes it becomes the plan A especially during my busy days. (photo copied from another source).
  6. Trail Cruiser

    Who's the oldest and youngest rider here?

    I'm 53 but recently don't have much time to go out ebiking. I usually end up pedaling on my exercise peloton machine, the bunch of fancy parameters I learn from it I ususally apply to my ebiking experience.
  7. Trail Cruiser

    eBike Range Calculators | Found a way to include the 'difficult range factors' - but it needs your feedback!

    You are using only PAS 1 of 9 and your speed were above 20 most of the time with low efficiency score of 35 wh/mile. Most factory ebikes can barely maintain 100% above 20 mph and at that speeds they need to be at the highest PAS level. Also their efficiency scores are between 20-25 wh/mile at...
  8. Trail Cruiser

    If I'm outrunning my gears...

    That is strange since the spec says 7 speed but the picture and the video shows 6 speed shimano freewheel ( MF-TZ20 marking on it ). The 6 Speed MF-TZ20 has 14-28 teeth count range. With a 20 inch wheel and 14 teeth top gear I think you got to have a chain ring that is at least 42 teeth count.
  9. Trail Cruiser

    its not easy putting a new fender on a e bike.

    You can get a cheap generic plastic fender and then cut it and then use it to patch the broken part on your ebike.
  10. Trail Cruiser

    If I'm outrunning my gears...

    Once you get the cadence we can match you the correct tooth count. Or you can record it and we will count the clown cadence for you.
  11. Trail Cruiser

    If I'm outrunning my gears...

    Preferably, you should be at 80-85 rpm cadence at 20 mph so you will still have enough room for climbing ratio.
  12. Trail Cruiser

    If I'm outrunning my gears...

    If that's the case then maybe you can go up to 48 teeth or even 56 teeth (if such thing exist). Are you able to check your cadence and "clown pedaling" rate?
  13. Trail Cruiser

    Anyone recognize this motor brand?

    I would say not worth restoring it. You can try but the time, effort, and dollars spent to make it work with proper matching controller, battery, cadence sensor, throttle, control display, and mechanicals would be very expensive compared to just buying a brand new and more advanced ebikes of today.
  14. Trail Cruiser

    If I'm outrunning my gears...

    Yup, I saw you addressed the issue already. For the meantime he can just dial PAS down so there would be enough resistance to the pedals.
  15. Trail Cruiser

    If I'm outrunning my gears...

    Hello, congratulation for having a fun exercise machine. First, we want to know what kind of etrike do you have. If you have pictures the better. I am assuming that you have a hub motor (no mid drive). Going down hill is fun. If you are "clown pedaling" in top gear you can dial down on your...
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    Help choosing year-round commuter eBike for Wisconsin weather

    Considering that Specialized is the nearest store from you, and you like the Como 2 then I would get that ebike. After-sale service and warranty support is also important. I am assuming if you dispose "one of your vehicles" then you still have another car left. I would reserve that second car...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    The Bronx River Parkway at Westchester NY is open again for the Bike Sunday.
  18. Trail Cruiser

    I hate fenders...

    Your front fender may be adequate to protect your body from the wheel splash but the most valuable and most vulnerable part of your ebike (which is the motor) is very much exposed. You may consider putting a mud flap. There is another thread that talks about it...
  19. Trail Cruiser

    I hate fenders...

    The only factory ebike with adequate front fender to protect the motor is the Vado. Others need aftermarket mud flap extensions to achieve the same level of protection. To protect my motor from water damage, I repositioned the front fender and added a mud flap.
  20. Trail Cruiser

    New class 3 or more hub motor bikes starting with the Biktrix Swift and the Hilleater Phaserunner

    Hilleater is currently using GMAC (MAC motor with no clutches) but plans to use Ezee motors in the future (also with clutch deleted) since Hilleater has better business deal getting the Ezee. I looked and compared both motors in the past, these are near identical in performance and I think their...