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  1. LimboJim

    Who is transporting their bike in the back of a station wagon, bike laying on its side?

    Ebike motors, especially older Shimano e8000s like I have on my 2018 Commencal, should never be laid on their sides when freshly warm from a ride. Grease moves freely to places it ought'nt :(
  2. LimboJim

    Hello! and I think I want to build my very first ebike(compact cargo)!

    Not that anyone enforces the laws yet, but Class 3 ebikes have no throttle, by definition:,assisted%20speed%20of%2028%20mph.
  3. LimboJim

    Easy Motion Nitro City - needed Charger, Display and Keys

    If Lenny's can't help you, check with Denis at Voltaire Cycles in NJ. Until his fairly recent website overhaul, he listed hundreds of EasyMotion ebike parts. Maybe he still has some.
  4. LimboJim

    Great sale going on now at Evelo

    Ha - "WE MADE TOO MANY!" Same slogan Specialized used to clear out its excess 2022 inventory a few months ago...
  5. LimboJim

    2023 Frey Cargo bike

    "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." - P. Townshend Looks to me like they made a longer rear triangle and a heavier duty rack for the Savannah/Liberty mid-step frame.
  6. LimboJim


    I ran Tannus with tubes on my recumbent etrike (20" wheels), and always kept my pressure at the bottom of the recommended range (40-45 psi) on the sidewall. Knock wood, I never had any flats during the 250 miles I put on that trike...
  7. LimboJim

    The infamous Motobecane HAL E-MTB. I bought one…

    "Oh, another odd thing is the battery won’t charge when it’s cold. The charger light turns solid green until it warms up at which point it will charge." As I understand it, you should always wait until the battery reaches room temperature to recharge. Maybe there's a temp sensor
  8. LimboJim

    Diamondback vs Yamaha?

    Consider potential long term parts cost, especially for batteries:
  9. LimboJim

    Yamaha charging $2475.00 for a battery

    Wasn't long ago I got a 500Wh external Yamaha battery for my 2017 Haibike for well under $1k. Maybe it's a supply-demand issue
  10. LimboJim

    Picking an eBike: Gazelle Vs. Specialized

    That depends on riding surface (size of bumps, potholes etc.) and suspension fork quality, in my experience. I have a Redshift stem on my gravel conversion, cheap coil front suspension on the Haibike hardtail I use for road rides, and high end air suspension on my eMTB for "technical" trails...
  11. LimboJim

    Battery Misconceptions?

    Thanks for the detail and corrections! I've been using this "overcharge prevention timer" for a few years now, but mostly so a nearly depleted battery won't fully charge. I'm loathe to leave a battery at 100%, even just for a couple of days. My oldest battery is a 2015 Bosch PowerPack 400...
  12. LimboJim

    Battery Misconceptions?

    I keep reading articles, posts etc. that refer to Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc. as the battery brand used on specific ebikes. But these are merely the cells used within the battery casing, no? Those companies don't actually build complete ebike batteries, do they? A battery using such...
  13. LimboJim

    WASTE OF MONEY! Level V1 Batteries are not being made anymore.

    Website currently shows Level V2 battery at $499 with no V2 terminal. V1 customers have to call? That's pretty sad, IMO - how hard would it be to add the terminal as an additional item?
  14. LimboJim

    Smallest chainring / largest cassette installed on RipCurrent S?

    A throttled, 76 lb, 1000w rear hub propelled RipCurrent S with beyond Class 3 speed cap on "blue and black" MTB singletrack trails? Assuming you're referring to Trailforks color-coded "trail difficulty" ratings, this seems extremely dangerous and highly illegal. It's also one of the reasons a...
  15. LimboJim

    LMT’D w/ MTB Handlebars & Maxxis DHR2 2.4” Knobbies

    Looks great but those (expensive) tires are designed for much tougher trails than I'd ride that bike on 🙃
  16. LimboJim

    Ebike bumper stickers

    This has been on my car for a coupla years... Lots more ebike stickers on Redbubble:
  17. LimboJim

    Do I need to balance a hyper ebike battery

    Hyper's cheap Walmart ebikes come with very small batteries - usually around 36V 8.8Ah - which is why your range is not good. I also believe that the low quality hub motors they use are very inefficient, and will drain batteries faster as well.
  18. LimboJim

    (Shimano) batteries. Balancing.

    I've read that Shimano chargers will stay "on" for a brief period after the battery reaches full charge (mine does). This is unusual in my experiences over several years with Bosch, Yamaha and generic "brands." I've heard some folks surmise that the purpose of this is to balance cells, but I'm...
  19. LimboJim

    PA eBike Rules for Trails Finalized

    Only if the motor doesn't get you to 25... Read the article - 20mph max by motor