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  1. ian fisher

    Largest e-bike company in the US, Rad Power Bikes, says it has to raise prices. Here’s why

    There's always someone who wants to split hairs, a battery in an e bike is no more or less of a gamble than an engine and mileage on a used car. The e bike battery is easily rebuildable or replaceable, more so that a combustion engine, and of course there is a cost involved. Caveat Emptor (let...
  2. ian fisher

    Starting my ebike purchase journey

    Cost and what you are prepared to spend is likely your first consideration. Seek out your local e bike retailers, test ride as many demo bikes as you can and narrow down your choices based on what you require and what works best for you. Bike fit and ease of use is more important than brand...
  3. ian fisher

    Largest e-bike company in the US, Rad Power Bikes, says it has to raise prices. Here’s why

    e bikes seem to becoming more expensive and there is no doubt that the quality of the bikes is also very impressive. The cost of a brand new e bike can sometimes be equal to, or more than the cost of a used car, but of course the used car will have much higher ongoing operating costs. The good...
  4. ian fisher

    How a San Francisco woman saved over $50,000 by swapping her car for an electric bike

    Maureen's story highlights the reason why it's so necessary that city and town planning should include cycle lanes or seperate bike paths to create an environment where cyclists can be safe, an investment for future generations who may consider the option of cycling as a prefered form of transport.
  5. ian fisher

    Can't get 20 x 4 tire off rim

    you could try pouring boiling water on the tyre bead to soften it? also maybe try lubricate the valve with something, wd40.., could be just some grit stuck in the valve. a drop of warm water in the pump fitting, it's sometimes difficult to get the pump fitting seated down on a partially inflated...
  6. ian fisher

    Moscow+ crank and bottom bracket

    have a look on youtube for video on how to remove the crank and bottom bracket. To do it yourself you will need a crank puller and a bottom bracket tool, depending on the cost of buying the tools it may be easier to get your nearest bike shop to do the work, it's basically a 15-20 minute job...
  7. ian fisher

    Intro re: My ebike, as asked by this forum.

    Buying a used e bike or at least checking the local used e bike market is something I suggest to anyone who asks for advice on purchasing...there are some real bargains to be had if you know what you are looking for. I think back to my own motorcycling days and I think that for me the e bike is...
  8. ian fisher

    Indicator lights on e bike

    ...yeah I think it would be fair to say that the Netherlands and indeed a few other countries in Europe appear to have a more accepting attitude towards sharing the road with cyclists. Cycling as a form of recreation or a choice for daily transport as well as the big pro tour events all seem to...
  9. ian fisher

    Indicator lights on e bike

    My thoughts on this topic...yeah I think the addition of turn signal indicators on an ebike would at least be an added safety feature particularly when riding at night or in low level light conditions. I don't have turn indicators, I do use hand signals and I would say that the single best...
  10. ian fisher

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Nice choice...reminds of the words of Robert Frost, ''Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...... (The Road Not Taken).
  11. ian fisher

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    More than 2 years of ownership, this bought as used 36v Smartmotion Pacer, rear hub drive is more than capable on the hills. A typical ride like this for me across town and up onto the hills above the port town of Lyttelton via Sumner, Evans Pass, across the summit road ( which is partially...
  12. ian fisher

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Just running a few errands around town on the bike paths and cycle lanes, here a new cycle/pedestrian bridge under construction which will link bike paths on either side of the river (Avon, Christchurch, NZ). There is a growing network of bike paths within the city, it's becoming more possible...
  13. ian fisher

    Local Bike Shops and upgrade or repairs to Internet purchased EBikes

    warranty of work, yeah I think you are correct. For electrical issues, it may be better to seek out auto electricians or appliance service workshops, at least consult with them about any electrical issues, they may be able to help and advise or even take on the job. I think most often, LBS won't...
  14. ian fisher

    Hello..should I get an e-bike

    my advice, hire a bike if that is possible and find out if an e bike would suit what you are doing...that would be the cheapest option first, after that, if you are keen on buying, it's then a matter of comparing various models and specs, narrow your search down to a few make/model options and...
  15. ian fisher

    Advice on first e-bike

    My rear hub drive is very capable of climbing hills and I do so regularly. There is a common belief that mid drives offer more torque and therefore are better suited for hills, I wouldn't know because Iv'e never owned or ridden a mid drive. There are pros and cons for either drive system, still...
  16. ian fisher

    Advice on first e-bike

    As Merle said, 'try before you buy,... is the best advice. Used bikes; I bought my own bike used about 2 and a half years ago, there were some known issues with the torque sensors on this model, but I fixed that..pulled it apart, found the issue and fixed it. The rear hub motor is more than...
  17. ian fisher

    Advice on first e-bike

    my advice, test ride as many demonstrator bikes as you can, find something that fits you and suits what you intend to do with it and the type of terrain you will want to ride on. The brand names you mention are all makers of excellent bikes. If you're wanting to carry some camera equipment and a...
  18. ian fisher

    Helmets...Wear Them!!!

    I think South Park did a good take on Harley's. It's interesting that Harley have produced an electric bike, the maker of what is typically one of the loudest manufactured bikes....has made one that is near silent, it likely won't appeal to the traditional Harley rider, maybe Harley inc realize...
  19. ian fisher

    Why I just replaced rear disc with calipers.

    your rear rim has a machined surface for using caliper type brakes? I agree, those discs can be difficult to remove, the retaining screws are likely held with loctite. A tip for spoke maintenance, cleaning the rear wheel and add a small drop of lubricant on each pair of spokes at the point where...
  20. ian fisher

    I got sideswiped this afternoon at the end of a good ride - minor injury

    Damn ...sounds like you were lucky to be bruised and no more than that. Do you have a rear view mirror on your bike? ..I guess you have the one that fell of the car but it probably wouldn't be easy to fit to your bike. A rear view mirror on an ebike is a worthy thing to have. As for the driver...