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    Biking days are over.

    Prayers for you.
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    New Member

    Maybe a pic of your new Vado SL. Please post your adventures 🚴🏾‍♂️😎🚴🏼‍♀️
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    How about the battery? I’m under the impression that a submerged battery should be replaced because it’s likely to overheat and start on fire. Do some research on this and please share what you find. So sorry for the hassles caused by the darn hurricane.
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    Our cat just vanished.

    Whoo Hoo! Glad your kitty is back. So typical of cats. I had one that escaped from my house. Just like you we searched & searched. After about a week we gave up. Then exactly 4 weeks to the day the darn cat shows up in the back yard. Very thin but completely unharmed. We figured she was living...
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    The first bike is home

    Whoo Hoo! Great looking ebike. Many miles & smiles. 🚴🏾‍♂️😎
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    Different kickstand for Pace 500

    Thank you for your info. Rear mounted kickstand is great for maneuvering the bike while stopped. The bike can be backed up without the left pedal and crank arm hitting the kickstand and stopping the bike. Great for maneuvering backwards in tight spaces. Side note: I chose to sell the bike this...
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    Different kickstand for Pace 500

    Thanks for the response 2020. I actually found a rear mounted kick stand for my Pace 500. It worked fine on the small frame. Amazon of course.
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    Way to tell if pedal assist is engaging?

    You should be able to hear the motor, even the quiet ones.
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    Looks like a nice bike. So says Google. For a rack, see if the seats stays have mounts for a rack. If you have a bike store close by they can help. Searching YouTube for a video on how to attach a rack may also help. Many fun miles to you.
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    Ebike Guides

    Looks like a motorcycle. Won’t be allowed on many bike trails.
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    Cold Weather Commuting and cold legs. BIking greaves?

    Hard to find: Insulated pants with full length long side zippers, all the way to the waist side zippers. Easy to get on and off without the need to remove shoes. Found mine at a bike shop. My local sporting goods had some but they were all camouflage colors. Not for me but everyone is different.
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    Best ebike for Seniors Citizens

    Ditto for me. A real step through not a mid step falsely advertised as step through.
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    New E-Bike Owner... Maybe

    Congrats on your new ebike! You’re going to have a blast, like being a little kid again. Don’t forget the next step: Accessories! Please post pics and share your adventures. 🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️😄
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    If you're in a crash would this be you?

    Hey Members, If unfortunately, you are in a bad crash, would this be you? More concerned about injuries to your bike than injuries to yourself? I can so relate!!
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    New ebike lover!

    Congrats on your new ebike. Further, faster, funner!
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    Need some advice

    Backfire, were you able to test ride any of the ebikes that interest you? My standard suggestion for new ebike seekers is to test ride, even if the model is not exactly what you seek. Test rides help educate on the specific features that are available. Congrats on your search for an ebike.
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    20” vs. 24” Trail Tracker: PAS Swap?

    Would you consider a Pedego Boomerang, with 24” tires? super deep step through and the smaller wheels bring it lower to the ground.
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    PatriciaK's Italian ebike tour adventure 🇮🇹🚴🇮🇹

    wow, what a fabulous adventure.
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    Budget Buys - 1st eBike

    So true. A few years ago I purchased an indoor exercise bike (not overpriced Peleton!) with the intent to keep in cycling shape all winter. Borrring!! Made it about 3 weeks. However, I was pleasantly surprised how many pairs of newly laundered leggings would fit as a drying rack. 😃😆