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  1. Luto

    Bad Crash Happens Quick

    You will get a good handle on all this stuff in no time! Also don't forget the slippery wet man hole covers! Slip and slid on those. Consider practicing not having all your weight on the seat. Support yourself with the pedals as you hit bumps. Like a horse rider in stirrups, or...
  2. Luto

    Bad Crash Happens Quick

    You did the classic! The road seams are perfect for catching a tire. ALWAYS move across them definitively and surely. Never get stuck. The worse would be get caught in one and fall to the road side and your head get run over. As for prevention, as Art Deco says, practice dealing with...
  3. Luto

    A Road-Cyclist Thoughts On E-Bikes

    I have both. The e-bike without assist is not fun to ride up hills because the extra weight dampens the forward momentum enough that you cannot get a good thrust up hill between pedal strokes. I have ridden over 1200 miles on my e-gravel bike without assist. Since getting my new regular...
  4. Luto

    Grinding noise whilst rotating peddles

    There is some on my Bosch Gen 3, but it is just the gears moving. But if it is really bad, it might be a bearing failure in progress. Usually that is when both directions grind.
  5. Luto

    Will I be able to ride my Hyrda in the Pacific Northwest Rain?

    Don't submerge the bike for over a couple of minutes and you will be fine. More of an issue will be the spray and dirt-grease from the road. Road grime splatter is hard to remove from clothing. Use fels naphta soap. Probably one of the best spot-stain removes ever.
  6. Luto

    Clicking sound front suspension Superdelite

    Not Normal. There are a lot of possible reasons. Have the dealer look at it. No need to dive into a can of worms... yet.
  7. Luto

    Interesting Use Case. Need Advice.

    I agree. Getting to work and needing a shower at the start of the day is not fun. I use my ebike MORE often when speed and less effort is required. When I want to get a work out I use my regular bike.
  8. Luto

    Get a good helmet, and wear it.

    What an absurd post.
  9. Luto

    Como Tires - Something slightly more agressive?

    On rims you need to be rim size +5-8mm. I think you are looking at a wider tire for sand stuff. I would consider the GravelKing series from Panaracer. Continentals are good tire too. Also consider that knobbies are OK for mud, but loose gravel can be done with slicks too. Lastly...
  10. Luto

    Disc brakes on rize Leisure sound like toilet flushing

    Nice! Good point on the harder materials. In your lungs would be very bad! I use this...
  11. Luto

    Disc brakes on rize Leisure sound like toilet flushing

    You might try to use drywall sandpaper since it is more a mesh that allows the material to fall through, versus embed into the pad. Regular sand paper just pushes the bad material into the pad. To adjust after install, there are usually a couple or one bolt-screw that you can loosen, then...
  12. Luto

    Repeated Flats

    If you use water, it is easy to find the hole in a tube. Then check that location in the tire first. Never hurts to run your fingers on the inside. Also punctures like that usually are caused by the item sticking in the tire, then you ride over it for a while and drive it in. As Mike say...
  13. Luto

    Griz Attacks and Kills Bicyclist in Montana

    I think he was tagged by the WDFW. Otherwise how would have there been so many updates. Yeah I have never seen a kayaking bear. :D A bear fishing, yes. Glad to be off the gun debate though! Only thing I had to outrun today was a deer fly....
  14. Luto

    Griz Attacks and Kills Bicyclist in Montana

    Did you hear about the bear last summer that swam from (islands) Whidbey, to Orcas, to San Juan, then back to Orcas, and back to Whidbey? For those not local, that is across a strait where tankers travel, and about 25-30 miles round trip. And the currents are pretty darn strong at times in the...
  15. Luto

    Shoes and pedals, I'm confused

    I like clips and flat combo pedals. When I want to use clips (sandal at that) I do. When I want to use flat with no clip ins, I do. I do find you use additional muscle groups pulling up with clips. Shimano 510 (?) series and Crank brothers double shots .
  16. Luto

    Griz Attacks and Kills Bicyclist in Montana

    I don't really have any first hand experience thankfully. Yeah he was an old guy, but he said the sliding of the tissue is common and has seen it happen with other guides 2x. Probably avoidance-alerting them to your presence and letting them move off is best.
  17. Luto

    Interesting Use Case. Need Advice.

    Bike share for sure with personal bags-panniers that they can use later if the can find secure parking.
  18. Luto

    Griz Attacks and Kills Bicyclist in Montana

    They are fast too. My AK guides recommend shotgun 00 shots and says go for the throat, NOT the head. A large caliber will slide off most places on the head. Ever seen them do "pushups" and grunt? That is one pissed off bear.
  19. Luto

    Which safety considerations make or break an eBike purchase for you?

    Handling. Some e-bikes handle like a log with wheels. If I can't make a smooth variable radius S turns, it is a no go. I have avoided so many accidents because the bike does not frame whip or the CG is not so high you cannot cut a clean consistent line in a turn.
  20. Luto

    Roam E+ Chain Popped Off

    Every derailleur has a maximum-minimum range rating. So figure out: Smallest rear cog's teeth Largest rear cog's teeth Then check the derailleur specifications. Here is an excerpt: The Calculation Process of the Drivetrain Capacity Now that we know about rear derailleurs, let us dive ride...