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  1. chunk

    Modifying my Rad Trike for my particular physical limitations

    I had a k75 for a couple of years, and a Honda st-1100, both good bikes. I guess I've owned more than 50 bikes since the early 1970's.
  2. chunk

    Modifying my Rad Trike for my particular physical limitations

    I was up 13 bikes at one time, but the registration and insurance was getting too expensive. I really like guzzi's and am thinking of buying a V7 Special next. I wonder if there are any airheads in the stable. I've had lots of them. Cheers.
  3. chunk

    Modifying my Rad Trike for my particular physical limitations

    Do I spy a guzzi in the background?
  4. chunk

    a little hot on the ride home.

    I'm the same way. Mad dogs and Englishmen in the noon day sun. Of course I'm a native SoCal person, so I think I'm acclimated to the heat. The recent rain from Hillary brought the high temp to 65 F on Saturday, and I was a bit chilly.
  5. chunk

    Startling pedestrians can be so much fun.

    I just slow way down, and pass safely without any drama. Not everything needs to be a contest or a confrontation.
  6. chunk

    Thoughts on Beach Riding?

    Sure, noses, like opinions, everyone has one. We can always agree to disagree.
  7. chunk

    Thoughts on Beach Riding?

    It's your equipment brother. You paid for it, and it's yours to use or abuse. Sand is indeed an abrasive and will work its way in between the chain and sprocket, bearings, etc. and just grind away, like lapping compound. Just not my cars, motorcycles and bicycles. Just how I roll.
  8. chunk

    Thoughts on Beach Riding?

    Bike paths that run along the beach. I wouldn't run any kind of vehicle I owned in beach sand. Talk about abrasive grit, yikes.
  9. chunk

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Say what you will, but it's hard to beat living in SoCal. I'm never leaving. My beach haunt is a bit more north in Ventura, Ca. I like simple food venues over the stuffy, hoidy toidy type establishments too.
  10. chunk

    Is Anyone Else Having Second Thoughts About CF Post Titan?

    And the big difference is, if a C/F bicycle frame fails, you'll skin your knees, and if a submersible C/F hull fails at 2.5 miles below the sea at 6000 psi, well you know.
  11. chunk

    Best wind noise solutions?

    I hate noise, especially wind noise, I haven't noticed it to be much of a problem on the bicycle, but on my motorcycles it is at hearing damaging levels, even with a full face helmet on. I have been using 3M yellow foam ear plugs for 40+ years. They're cheap and can be reused until they quit...
  12. chunk

    I thought Class 3 would feel safer on the road

    We call it lane splitting in California, and on a motorcycle it's a legal maneuver, with certain conditions. I do it on my motorcycles, especially at a stop light, for self preservation. The last thing you want on a M/C is to be squished between two cars because the guy behind you had their...
  13. chunk

    I thought Class 3 would feel safer on the road

    I always give pedestrians, bicycles and motorcyclists a wide berth when passing them. It's obvious, I'm in a truck that weighs 4500 pounds or so. I treat them like I hope they will treat me when I'm on the receiving end.
  14. chunk

    I thought Class 3 would feel safer on the road

    I'm always a bit terrified riding my e bike in traffic, especially on 2 lane roads with little shoulders. I feel perfectly safe when on my motorcycles, with the difference being able to go the same speed as the cages. Getting passed by a car is truly an exercise in trusting the driver will do...
  15. chunk

    Can I install a mount for an ebike on my 2016 Hyundia Veloster

    You need a hitch installed on your Hyundai, and a bike rack that will slide into the hitch receiver.
  16. chunk

    Why Roadies Don't Smile-funny article I just read

    It's the same with motorcyclists, most wave as we pass by, but a few "typical" types do the blank stare ignore thing. A lot depends where I'm riding too geographically speaking. Some riders think they are better than others I guess. The most common bikers with their nose up in the air it...
  17. chunk

    weather forecast

    78°- 82° F for the next 5 days at least, around these parts.
  18. chunk

    Catalina Island, Avalon to Two Harbors

    If they do rent them still, my G/F and I will be renting a couple. That seems easier than bringing ours along. When we go to Ventura they get loaded into the truck though, since that's easy to do. Anyway you slice it, it's a great day to ride your e bike, wherever you are.
  19. chunk

    Damned eBay! Now what?

    I buy on eBay all the time, don't sell there though, I use CL for sales. I use PayPal for incoming payments and purchases but only link a Credit Card with their service, not a bank account. I won't link a bank account with any company, just to risky. Since I don't require much credit anymore...
  20. chunk

    Catalina Island, Avalon to Two Harbors

    I'm planning a trip to Catalina Island sometime later this summer. I haven't been there since I was a lad. It reminded me of this.