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  1. Chandlee EBS

    Help picking bike (my name says it all)!!

    @RookieCommuter, feel free to come up for some test rides and see what you like. Our shop number is 423.475.6569. Today will be a little hectic though with ironman weekend 1 and an EV event. Might want to try when we open up again on Tuesday. -Chandlee
  2. Chandlee EBS

    2017 Raleigh Redux IE - Install Lighting?

    Thanks for the praise, @dsvogel! We've installed that lighting on a couple of Redux IEs now. I believe you were the one that informed us that the Redux uses European programming so its always on when the bike is on. Being in Atlanta, I would recommend putting secondary blinker on the left...
  3. Chandlee EBS

    Cross Current

    Good question about the display, @Jack Tyler. I would leave that to @Tora Harris to answer. Until Cobi is released, my best answer is Strava. I would imagine any alteration of the wiring is going to void the warranty. @Kaldeem, weirdly, I don't place much faith in listed torque numbers when...
  4. Chandlee EBS

    Cross Current

    I think you'll see the price point for larger batteries reflect the rest of Juiced Riders upgrades. The great thing about this is clean integration and rider engagement. Bafang builds and Magnums are awesome, but our city is super-outdoorsy so throttles and cadence sensors have been unpopular...
  5. Chandlee EBS

    Cross Current

    UH OH! Our Cross Current demo arrived yesterday: It's VERY good for $1500. Finally, a sub-2k bike with a good torque sensor. It's a class 3, with Tektro Durano brakes and an Alivio drivetrain. This bike is a big deal. Now excuse me while I go ride around on it some more. :p
  6. Chandlee EBS

    Haibike blown away by Easy Motion

    Yeah. We have huge hills here and most people do think that the EMs climb better. The three chainrings make a huge difference.
  7. Chandlee EBS

    Recommendations for cycling rain wear?

    They're back up: I'm probably keeping that line going all by myself. :) After 2 years with several pairs of everything, washing them but not drying, the water resistance has really died off. Tech-waterproofing...
  8. Chandlee EBS

    Adult Electric Tricycles Ti-trikes had a tiny little booth at interbike, but these guys look to have an absolutely stellar product.
  9. Chandlee EBS

    Ebike & trails

    IMBA has finished their first closed-coarse study of E-MTBs and presented their initial findings at Interbike. It consisted of 500 laps with a mountain bike, E-MTB (class 1 ebike of course) and a motocross bike over a hard pack circuit. Keep in mind, this was only the first study and I don't...
  10. Chandlee EBS


    Hey @Cyclemom, come on over. Easy Motion is running a promo right now, and we're selling some demos. Plus you can test ride the lot. -Chandlee
  11. Chandlee EBS

    Bicycle style e-bike with passenger option

    @MLB, no problems yet with passengers and overheating on hills and we've done some large ones. That said, I'm thinking of adding a larger cassette to the rear for some of our more epic climbs with passengers (really, really steep stuff). Felt says 200 lbs. rear cargo, 400 total. Also...
  12. Chandlee EBS e-mountain biking articles

    The mountain biking section of just tackled e-bikes with several articles. We were one of the shops interviewed. Check them out: The Great E-Mountain Biking Debate. Is E-Mountain Biking For You? Interview With E-Bike “Expert” User What is E-Biking? The Future of E-Mountain Bikes...
  13. Chandlee EBS

    Olympic Gold Medalist's Bionx build.

    Krige Schabort came into our shop today!!! He uses a bionx build for his mountain bike. Super cool guy.
  14. Chandlee EBS

    Bicycle style e-bike with passenger option

    I just got a Brühaul for my wife. She's been riding me all over town on it. Lovin' it.
  15. Chandlee EBS

    Recommendations for cycling rain wear? These are fancy.
  16. Chandlee EBS

    My Surly Karate Monkey conversion.

    @susan raye, O-stand stay mount. It seems flimsy, but it's actually better at keeping the bike up than any kickstand I've had. The dog hasn't managed to knock down the bike once with the trailer.
  17. Chandlee EBS

    Priority bicycle

    @Kaldeem , I had a long conversion with a felt tech the other day and we both agreed the internal gearing doesn't work that well with mid drives (though nuvinci should work). Ravi is asking good questions.
  18. Chandlee EBS

    The Outfitter Has Arrived

    @pxpaulx: hehe. Actually, Jim Felt designed the bike to hunt with:
  19. Chandlee EBS

    The Outfitter Has Arrived

    The jumbo jims feel very bicycle-like. Kenda juggernauts are lighter. I wonder how those would ride. I think the Lebowske is my favorite mountain bike ever (I don't place speed and the highest priority). @Court, outfitter is 54 lbs...with a gun rack.
  20. Chandlee EBS

    My Surly Karate Monkey conversion.

    I've done 60 miles in level two. I would imagine 80 in level one would be easy, but then i'm probably not going to do that unless I'm touring.