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    Hot grips?

    Are there hot grips available for E bikes? I just bought an E mountain bike fatty and will be riding in cold Minnesota winters. I was very surprised that my dealer said there is no such thing as electric hot grips, that they are aware of. Is there such a thing? Please give a link on where I...
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    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    Did a great ride out of Maiden Rock. Wisc, a town on the Mississippi River with awesome river ravines emptying into the Miss.Full fall color on the trees, flowing creeks to ride along, with many climbs and some big ass decents. Pictures are on rolling farmland well above , after climbing up...
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    Pinion Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU)

    This seems like a great idea for E MTBs. Getting rid of chain/cassette and having a carbon fiber belt is huge. E Mtn bikes need a mid drive so this awesome . What is the % gear range as that needs to be there? For speed pedelecs, I still love a properly done rear hub direct drive ❤️ And love...
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    Hypotheticals - would you replace your R&M with another R&M??

    @Stefan Mikes , I care about real world experience, not the manipulated manufactures specs. For my riding, Stromer and its’ hub drive motors are clearly the current leader for speed pedelac bikes. And for Stromers next gen build: E 12 speed pinion with Gates carbon fiber belt and the whimpy...
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    Who is transporting their bike in the back of a station wagon, bike laying on its side?

    @Slaphappygamer , thanks for sharing. I may try using my rear seat belts ( rear seats are folded flat) . This might be a better way so worth trying!
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    Who is transporting their bike in the back of a station wagon, bike laying on its side?

    If your bike is on its side, do you use any type of cushion under it? I place a towel under left handle bar and a rubber mat under the pedal which is heavy into the floor carpet otherwise. How do you secure it? Mine rests on the non drive side, left side down. I secure with two long tie downs
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    Hypotheticals - would you replace your R&M with another R&M??

    I would suggest that the R & M owners at least check out Stromer when they are looking at buying. The Stromer ST5 and new (revolutionary? ) ST7 have some great designs and ultra premium components. If you want a speed commuter with superb battery range, you should at least check out Stromer.
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    2023 Trek Domane+

    Depending on what you are looking for in an E bike, hub motors may be the latest and greatest. For me, the hub motor Stromer bikes cannot be topped for my criteria: 1. Has to feel natural!! I have never ridden an Ebike that feels as natural as the Stromer (hub drive) series. Just that Your legs...
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    Horn, Bell or Voice, how to warn others of your presence and intentions

    Thanks, I am in US but 100% Czech heritage. We grew up with Czech pen pal family, then under Russian control 🙁 As an example, what did Czech kids want for Xmas from us? Pencils and paper cuz the schools had almost none. - - Bells for me as I have become an “on your left hater”…….IME , on your...
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    ST7 in crate, assembly?

    Yes, I have a Dark Platinum coming.
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    E bikes with fenders

    I got caught in the rain while playing pickleball yesterday, about 8 miles from home. 🌧️ My Stromer has full fenders and it made the ride home soooo much better to not get the full body wet racing stripes front and back ! It was, dare I say, actually a nice ride. Cleaning the bike at home was...
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    Aero E bike fairing?

    Anyone have experience with aero “sport motorcycle style” for high speed E bikes? For a sporty class 3 bike, is there a small but sporty aero faring. I will try to post a pic of exactly what I want…..
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    ST7 in crate, assembly?

    How complicated is ST7 assembly ? It looks like bike might be almost completely assembled. Is it just straighten the handlebars , check tire pressures, adjust seat height and you are good to go?? What exactly needs to be done? Thanks
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    Lake Superior North Shore

    Mesabi Trail is great on an E bike.
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    ST7 setup, what to check?

    For a new in crate Plat Grey ST7, what things should the dealer give special attention? ….where some ST7s have had this issue…. 1. Power cable to rear disk clearance. Make sure there is ample clearance. 2. Check that regen brake totally disengages when not braking. 3. Check brake lines for...
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    Varia radar mount ? … to license plate bracket ?

    Running lights AND brighter brake lights when you hit the front or rear brake. 😀
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    Varia radar mount ? … to license plate bracket ?

    I am in US but bike is a Stromer so it has Europe features, like license bracket , as required in much of Europe.
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    Garmin Varia 715 ?

    My E bike will have a USB - C port . Will the 715 run while plugged in like that? Where is charging cable input port on the 715?
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    Varia radar mount ? … to license plate bracket ?

    Thanks. I will report back on it if I go that route. I will often ride without any bags and sometimes with one removal pannier and sometimes just a removable rear trunk. Maybe a mount on the seat tube AND the license bracket/ or back of stock rear rack.
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    Varia radar mount ? … to license plate bracket ?

    Thinking about getting Garmin Varia 715 on my ST7. It has Radar and recording camera. Anybody mount it to rear fender , license plate bracket which sits just under the taillight? You would have two taillights but that seems fine. With the normal mount to seatpost, I assume a tail trunk mounted...