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  1. MartsEbike

    Thoughts about punctures

    Depends on how big the hole is! :D Although I've never had much of a mess. Wipe clean and patch it, good to go. You don't want to put too much Slime in or you'll knock your wheel balance out. You really want just enough to coat the inside of your tube and little more.
  2. MartsEbike

    Thoughts about punctures

    You need to add the Slime before you get a puncture. This way it will seal it as soon as it develops. I swear by the stuff. Always worth buying quality inner tubes, and buying tyres with a layer of puncture protection built in. I carry a Spare Tube, Slime Scab patches, and also a can of Zefal...
  3. MartsEbike

    Swiss Cheese Crankarms

    Thanks greeno! I'm really liking them! They had them in 160's too but I wasn't sure whether to go for them or not. I didn't think you'd feel that much of a difference having cranks just 5mm shorter, but you really do! I use to get quite a few pedal strikes so I'll see how these fair. I might opt...
  4. MartsEbike

    Swiss Cheese Crankarms

    All fitted. I don't think they look too bad! :) I might even have to clean my bike to make it as shiny as the pedals :D Amazing how much you notice just 5mm difference, these new crank arms are 165mm, the standard bafangs are 170's. Slightly different offset, about 27.75 compared to 30...
  5. MartsEbike

    Swiss Cheese Crankarms

    They've arrived! :D Will try fit them this afternoon if possible :)
  6. MartsEbike

    Range phobia

    I tend to ride within my bikes limits so I don't fear it as such but it's certainly happened to me once or twice... one time around 25 miles from home and I was seeing 20% left on the battery. My backside wobbled a bit then... I made it home but it was a long old slog of a ride, mostly under my...
  7. MartsEbike

    Frey EX Mud Guards

    Hello peeps, Does anyone have any recommendations for a rear mud guard for the Frey EX? 27.5 2.8 tyres. I've been using a Mudhugger and although I can't fault its mud stopping abilities, the cable-ties it uses to attach with are prone to breaking which isn't ideal out on a ride. This has...
  8. MartsEbike

    Swiss Cheese Crankarms

    A few shots of the damage. Cross threaded a bit and at an angle, it didn't want to come out easily! Lots of debris, threads heavily worn away Turned the Camera flash on - shows up the threads better. Still some definition, but shallow ridges, no depth in cut. I doubt they'll hold out for long...
  9. MartsEbike

    Swiss Cheese Crankarms

    So I've already been ordering new parts :D I opted for the Hope E-Bike Crankarms over the Mirandas. Hopefully the build quality justifies the extra cost! Slightly shorter than the standard ones at 165mm. Also got myself a new set of pedals, keeping with the Hope theme I went with the Hope...
  10. MartsEbike

    Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    Yeah it's crazy really. The grounds of Ashridge House today are some 5,000 acres. In its heyday when Kings and Queen's stayed there, they would have also owned most if not all of the surrounding farms. I don't think they done much with it as such, but ownership was status and power. The boaters...
  11. MartsEbike

    Swiss Cheese Crankarms

    My pedal felt strange this evening when I noticed it was almost about to fall off. Luckily I was only 5 miles away and throttled it all the way back home. It's now half out and twisted at an angle. The threads are clearly damaged. I don't have much faith it will tighten properly again...
  12. MartsEbike

    Range experience?

    I have about 1300w between my two batteries on my Frey EX. Real world usage I get between 45-60 miles in range depending on many factors. Terrain, elevation, wind etc... I tend to ride 30 mile rides so I'm well within range, at least most of the time.... I know if I can empty the tank in 15-20...
  13. MartsEbike

    Our Rides in Words, Photos & Videos

    A few photos from my recent rides.... Pegsdon Hills Nature Reserve, this whole area is just a cycling delight. Strange rare breed sheep! Look at those horns! Worth riding up the hills for views like this.... The Grand Union Canal. Slightly jealous of the people that live on these...
  14. MartsEbike

    When should I be replacing my tires?

    Check your side walls too for deterioration. I rode a set of tyres for about the same length of time and the side wall gave way, left a bulge that I thought would pop on the way home - luckily it managed to hold out!
  15. MartsEbike

    Questions for the Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2

    500w isn't exactly underpowered - it's twice the power of anything available in Europe, but more is more... These are quite heavy bikes too!... On the programmable Ultras (uart based) you can set for both power and speed. But chances are you'll receive a canbus based motor, and it's not...
  16. MartsEbike

    Trek Allant+8S crank resistance in turbo at top speed

    I'd check the speedo magnet/sensor. I think on these bikes it might on the brake rotor? It might be loose.. I don't have one of these bikes so guessing a bit!
  17. MartsEbike

    Kickstand jack or handlebar jack or handlebar extensions?

    If you can still reach all the controls you're good to go, but I wouldn't really want anything sticking out further than the width of the handlebars themselves. You need that support under it. The grips on your link have the bull bars formed into the grip, so you can't independently adjust...
  18. MartsEbike

    Kickstand jack or handlebar jack or handlebar extensions?

    I've had GP3's and 4's and you do get the odd snag, thorny vines that are as tough as ship rope are a favorite ;) but they come into their own on the longer rides. It's nice to have two hand positions to use.
  19. MartsEbike

    Need owners manual Monday motorbike

    Unfortunately this isn't unusual. My bike came with little more than a spec sheet. When it comes to support you're largely left on your own to figure it out. I have just had a quick look on their website and there isn't much in the way of support documentation that I can find. That said, it...
  20. MartsEbike

    Liking/Loving Posts

    If you hover your mouse pointer over the Like button it shows you different "likes" you can choose from, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.