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  1. ThePapaPat

    Questions for the Juggernaut Ultra Duo 2

    Did you ever replace the suspension on your bike? I was looking at doing so, but I am having a hard time finding a relatively inexpensive replacement that fits.
  2. ThePapaPat

    Local bike shop support for Biktrix in Los Angeles area

    I would just call your local bike shops and ask if they work on e-bikes. On the off chance you have issues with the motor or battery, you'll need to contact Biktrix anyway.
  3. ThePapaPat

    Accessory Bar - Ultra Duo 2

    I thought I would post how I set my bike up for people that are in a similar situation because I found the stock handlebar on the bike to be challenging in setting my bike up the way I wanted. First, I highly recommend not ordering the accessory bar that Biktrix sells. You have to really clamp...