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  1. Son Nguyen

    Pedal assist too powerful

    I have the ejoe epik lite and it is great. My only complaint is the pedal assist being too powerful. In PAS1, i want less help so i can use more leg power. Is there anyway to do that? Would covering up half of the cadence sensor (6 out of 12) give me half the assist?
  2. Son Nguyen

    BBS02 conversion on a Giant MTB

    It was a 68mm BB. perfect fit for the bbs02. I don't know much about the other giant bikes but I'm sure it will fit since 68-73mm BB are pretty standard. Yea i removed the left trigger shifter since it was for the front derailure and wasn't needed. Here are pictures of my wife's bike I recently...
  3. Son Nguyen

    BBS02 conversion on a Giant MTB

    I got the 48V 500w kit with the 8.2ah battery . Im only 145lbs so it is plenty powerful for me. I also have the same kit for my wife on order.
  4. Son Nguyen

    BBS02 conversion on a Giant MTB

    Just finished my BBS02 conversion. It was the first time i have done it. I bought the bike brand new so i asked the shop to remove the crank for me. When i got home, it took me about an hour to put everything together. It was very easy. I got the kit from EM3EV. i rode the bike and instantly...
  5. Son Nguyen

    Just bought a Motiv Spark and Sleek

    After going on an electric bike tour in Austin, TX, I fell in love with electric bikes. I started to research as much as a can, mainly on this site. Court's reviews were a major factor in my decision to choose Motiv. Since its arrival 3 weeks ago, I have been riding it everyday with my wife...