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  1. beaniedog

    Garmin Edge/Varia/Mastermind TCD Connection Issue

    TLDR: Varia radar detection will make Turbo Vado 4 restart itself when the bike is connected to a bike computer. This will eventually lead to all the bike remote buttons only restarting and resetting the bike instead of their default function. Bike works fine with Varia when not connected to a...
  2. beaniedog

    ABUS frame locks for Vado/Como have arrived (and they fit/work!)

    The bottom opening of the lock is not big enough for the fender that you're able to install it without going at an angle (thus requiring the wheel to be removed, then you install the lock coming in from either side of the fender). I installed a 5750 on a 2022 Vado 4 and had to remove the wheel too.