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    Another Turbo Vado Ergonomics Thread

    @mcdenny we own two 2021 Como 3.0's that we love. We have a Kuat NV2.0 hitch rack and purchased the ramp for that rack from Kuat. The ramp works great. Very easy to roll the Como's up on the rack. I also purchased a "dolly" made for rolling the Kuat rackk from ebay that works very well. Here is...
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    2021 Como 3.0 "No Battery" Error

    Thanks Stefan, do you have a recommendation for a good "contact cleaner"?
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    2021 Como 3.0 "No Battery" Error

    I have a 2021 Como 3.0. Recently I have had a handful of incidents where in the middle of a ride at the bottom of the display the message "No Battery" appears and the remaining battery percentage on the display disappears. I then have to power cycle the system to get the battery information to...
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    Ok, I get it now...

    Just curious, why did you revert to the Elacktrak tires? Didn't you have Schwalbe Johnny Watts at one time?
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    Changing gearing on my Vado 5

    Stefan, can you elaborate as to what the proper Narrow-Wide pattern is with regard to the installation of the chain?
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    New : Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH Belt Drive

    Thanks for the picture. Could you clarify where the velcro strap is used?
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    A low "thunk" comes from motor area (Creo) when pedaling - SOMETIMES

    I had a similar issue on my Como 3 and it turned out to be loose motor bolts. Once the bolts were tightened the issue disappeared. Local LBS said it is a frequent occurrence.
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    Schwalbe Tires on a Como

    As requested.
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    Schwalbe Tires on a Como

    I don't have fenders on my bike. I don't have fenders on my bike.
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    Schwalbe Tires on a Como

    Yes, I have had them on for a couple of weeks. I like them. A little more cushioned ride than the Marathon E+ and of course wider. They roll very smoothly on pavement and perform better than the Marathon E+ on gravel. Installation was pretty straight forward, easier than the Marathon E+ and...
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    Como tire -- removing but cannot break the bead

    I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago and the c-clamp solution worked...not easily...but it worked.
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    Schwalbe Tires on a Como

    I ordered a pair as well.
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    Como Tire replacement?

    In order to correct the speed and mileage reported the wheel circumference setting in Mission Control needs to be changed to reflect the circumference with your new tires. This has to be performed by a Specialized dealer. The following is a screen shot from the Mission Control app.
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    Schwalbe Johnny Watts (and other Schwalbe SUV tyres) User Club

    Stefan, can you comment on the technique you learned for installing these tires that allowed you to install second in 5 minutes? What YT videos did you find helpful?
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    Schwalbe Tires on a Como

    The Schwalbe tires at 2.0 are definitely narrower than the 2.3 Nimbus tires. Not skinny, but definitely narrower which results in less air and a stiffer ride.
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    Schwalbe Tires on a Como

    I recently put the Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus tires on my 2021 Como 3.0 (2.75 x 2.0). So far I am very happy with them. They ride very smoothly on paved trails, although not quite as cushy as the original stock Nimbus tires. Also, they are better for gravel than the stock tires. I got them...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como/Tero/Tero X User Club

    I have a Como as well. What was the reason for changing the chainring to 36t? How does having the 36t benefit you?
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    Very pleased with new Como 4.0 650b

    Did the stock cabling provide enough room to accommodate the Jones bar or did you have to have new cables installed?
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    2022 Specialized Como Turbo 5.0 vs R&M vs Stromer ST2

    I have two Comos and use a Kuat NV 2.0 car rack. It is a great rack and you can add an extension for two additional bikes. It does allow fold down for trunk access.