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    2024 - Our Rides in Words, Photos, Maps and Videos

    Ha, saved from that expense! Though is it worth you hanging on to the bearings kit for future problems? Likewise here - With the help of a mechanic friend the drivetrain clicking noise turned out to be just the master link being stiff or something! It wasn't loud, could feel it through the...
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    Upgrading Vado SL Shimano Drivetrain From 10 to 12-speed

    So I've had an 11-46 & 38T 10 speed drivetrain on my SL4 for the last year and really appreciate the lower gearing. But I've just ordered a cheap Amazon 36T chainring to try even lower as I realise I'm rarely in the 38 x 11 gear so want to experiment with the 36T. Especially when I go onto steep...
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    2024 - Our Rides in Words, Photos, Maps and Videos

    The pizza remedy was for Jason and his squeaking bike. My bike has developed a really annoying click lately I'm trying to find the cause of. So annoying!
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    2024 - Our Rides in Words, Photos, Maps and Videos

    Here's the 'park tools pizza slice greaser' @ around 4.43 mins in. Seems to do the trick!
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    2024 - Our Rides in Words, Photos, Maps and Videos

    it could be the rubber cover of the future shock rubbing on the frame as the handlebars rotate. Easy to put a dab of grease or oil on the groove in the toptube where it meets the head tube. Or it could be something totally different. The joy of squeaks, clicks and creaks, finding the source can...
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    Creo 2 vs Cervelo Rouvida

    Nice review here on the Spanish BH iAerolight road bike. Quiet and small BH in-house designed Mid drive (2.1kg) with 65nm, 2x, carbon frame, 410Wh battery and is under 27lbs/11.9kg. And BH have a FIVE year motor warranty. Yako the reviewer here owns an Orbea Gain & does lovely rides through...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 brake pads after 1050km

    I usually need to replace the pads on my Vado SL a few times a year. It's the hills, I'm on Dartmoor and every ride includes 2,000 to 3,500ft of steep climbs and descents on windy lanes. And yeah i was surprised that first winter how often they needed replacing especially compared to the rim...
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    NH ebike trail ban bill.

    Haha! Exactly.
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    Yamaha Y-01W AWD & Y-00Z MTB
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    Yamaha Y-01W AWD & Y-00Z MTB

    Slight correction - the first mass produced mtb was by the Koski bros and Univega. The Stumpjumper was ripped off from the Tom Ritchey and Gary Fisher bike they sold to Mike Sinyard that he then had mass produced in Taiwan. What Specialized and Sinyard were good at was mass marketing the...
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    First 350 Miles on the Kona El Kahuna

    That’s a great in-depth review!
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    specialized creo 2

    Mahle who make the X20 who ‘every user is unhappy with’ With a record like that, this Mahle company sounds very dodgy! Somebody should warn Orbea. Thank God Spesh have nothing to do with them and developed their own unique Mahle SL lightweight motor- wait what? We’ll at least Spesh have their...
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    specialized creo 2

    I do wonder if Spesh has something up their sleeve for a new model dedicated lightweight e-road bike. Either long term planning with a totally new lightweight motor, to say, compete with the Q factor of the TQ. Or shorter term perhaps using the Mahle X2O hub motor. After all they have a joint...
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    Vado SL's - actual weights

    Just came across this thread again now & noticed you were riding your Vado SL with a 32T chainring in Tahoe & a 36T when back home. How did these small chainrings work out for you? How off road & rough did you go with the 32T and in your normal rides on the 36T how was/is the hill climbing & do...
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    Specialized turbo vado SL 4.0 chainring information.

    Very well put. I agree with you, I too lucked out picking this particular bike October 2020. The only comparable lightweight e bikes back then were mostly rear hub Mahle ones and word was not great for hills. After I bought it I aimed to ride my Vado SL with minimal assistance and it's had a...
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    Specialized turbo vado SL 4.0 chainring information.

    The motor thrives on a fast cadence. Shortly after getting my Vado SL 3 years ago I changed over to a 38T and immediately felt I'd increased the motor power on the hills. Like I'd swapped in a new more powerful motor. Such a difference. I also live in the UK and so am used to the steep hills...
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    Today was supposed to be new Creo announcement day!

    Orbea do have the gain range of e road bikes with the Mahle hub motor & say you can use these for gravel. But with max clearances of 35mm I’m not sure they are really that bothered about marking a gravel specific model the way Specialized or Moots or others have done.
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    Today was supposed to be new Creo announcement day!

    The Moots is interesting. Odd that it’s a Moots for sure! Looks like they’ve done the same re jigging of the EP8 motor that Orbea did with the Rise & Urrun, limiting it to 60nm for longer range. I checked the...
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    Today was supposed to be new Creo announcement day!

    Love to see detailed pictures once you’ve carried out your transformation! And a good report on how it rides, especially the more all-road set up you are trying. Good luck!
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    New CREOs just Dropped!

    This is from last year but is a good guide to flat bar gravel bikes. Both the Marin and Diverge score highly.