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    Rohloff e-14 oil leak

    just a drive-by reader of this topic, so take this for what it is, I am sympathetic to all of you who have experienced issues is this issue conclusively limited to the e14 Rohloff and not the mechanical Rohloff, if so surely someone can say more about why it happens? on other issues I have...
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    sorry to hear... at least you have your unbeatable attitude and sense of humor to help see you through!
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    CATL will start mass producing sodium-ion batteries

    stripping free hydrogen from compound molecules is too expensive in both joules and pennies electrolysis only reverses the energy recovery reaction, so by definition will take more energy than you get back catalysts, enzymatic or otherwise, only reduce energy of activation, not bonding E just...
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    Tailbone wussies help

    Kinekt and Redshift make quality suspension seat posts with lots of reviews on this site, you might find one of them to be of some help
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    Vado SL tuning?

    Congratulations on your birthday and your new ride. A version of the Levo which I was interested in was offered in white in the EU but not in the USA. Too bad as I really liked it in white. Maybe the dove gray is the same way, it will look great in the photos you undoubtedly will share. It's...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL: An Incredible E-Bike (User Club)

    Thanks for a great report, Stefan. I like the one arm lift in your photo, sums up your post nicely. The 5.0 SL front light (a bit brighter than the 4.0 SL) is not nearly as bright as my Niterider Race 1200, but the beam is well shaped and I found it adequate when riding at speed in full...
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    First Commuter eBike: Gazelle Ultimate/Madeo T10+ vs. Specialized Vado/Vado SL

    I know, right? You might read a blanket statement that Specialized use Brose motors, when in reality the Vado SL uses a Mahle motor. ;)
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    Tesla and NSERC team up to accelerate battery research at Dalhousie University in Canada - a new round of $6M funding

    Congratulations to all involved, including Ravi. It's all about the energy density for me! Good luck to those investing their own cash, blood and sweat in the future of "e"
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    Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL Reviews

    photo is worth a thousand words
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    Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL Reviews

    That's a very pretty ride. If I lived near trails that could do it justice I'd be spinning up the justification algorithm for an $11k expert's price.
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    Why is the SL motor so very noisy?

    Still hoping to find out if the Levo SL is noisier generally than the ostensibly similar / alike Mahle motors in the Creo and Vado SL. The Levo SL I rode was brand new and had a markedly more "tinny" or "whining" quality with greater volume as well.
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    Why is the SL motor so very noisy?

    When riding the Levo SL last fall, the SL motor sounded like a toy RC car, though maybe a bit louder. As I was climbing a trail, two hikers ahead of me turned around to see what was approaching when they heard it about 30 feet behind them. As you said, it does break the silence of the woods. The...
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    Why the big brand (Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano etc.) battery packs cost so much?

    it is possible to make highly reliable quality packs with appropriate skill, experience and tools, but cell prices are prohibitive more price leverage could be applied if it were possible to buy quality cells at competitive prices... the markup on cells from imr batteries, for example is very...
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    Ahoy...New ebiker located in Japan

    It's been a few years now, but I've had good experiences ordering from em3ev. If you enjoy fixing things and electronics, then you've got two hobbies in one! Have fun. I'd visit Hakko if I were nearby - fantastic soldering gear.
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    New Specialized Como SL

    Belt drive with an internally geared hub, that's new in the Specialized ebike lineup.
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    2021 Superdelite production schedule

    ease up guys, they want to help but are hamstrung by "data protection regulations" :) could happen to anyone
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL motor removal

    Thanks, Winglovespea, very clear instructions and photos, will help quite a few people I'm sure.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado SL motor removal

    Here is a link to a post with a video showing how to remove the motor from a Levo SL, the process is likely quite similar. I would guess there are other videos on youtube showing the process for the Vado SL...
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    Big Specialized price increase

    I noticed over the past few weeks that I was no longer seeing prices when browsing Vado SL models. Guess they were getting ready to make the change. The current prices are higher, but I do not recall the exact previous prices, might be around $250 higher than before for either the 5.0 or 5.0 EQ...
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    Coyote encounters

    While riding an otherwise deserted Chicago lakefront trail at 3am I once was briefly accompanied by a coyote jogging along on my left side. That was a great feeling for a city dweller. Wolves would be hard to imagine downtown, and I have ridden / snowshoed / hiked around wolves in northern MN...