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    Ebiker in Maine

    If you have hand or wrist issues i would look into a suspension stem. All reports are they work great. The proprietary Future Shock system Specialized has is probably the best, but the add-ons are good as well. I'd go the the Kinekt
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    Zen Photon review

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    Zen Photon review

    Good to know about the weight and throttle, thanks. I hope you have a great biking season!
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    Ebiker in Maine

    Love the big 60Ah/2800+ Wh batteries. I want someone to put one on a somewhat lighter, more regular style e-bike. I have the Juliet, and since i'm not seeing too much else interesting that is actually in stock, i may check out the Romeo Pro just for the larger tires. The Ride1Up CF Racer 1...
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    Brand New 700 Stolen -- Anyone need a new battery?

    If you buy the same, or insurance replaces, the bike you will have a nice second battery. You may recover the bike As well. A good reminder though, everyone should know that cable locks provide no protection from bike thieves. Do not waste any money on them.
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    Riese & Müller - Carrie, a new shorter cargo bike

    Well designed accessories for this new Cargo Bike make it stand out.
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    New Carbon Fiber Bike from Ride1up

    There is way too much travel required in that shift lever, and really a bike like this should have a torque sensor or hybrid. Very interesting bike, seems like Ride1Up is one of the few bike companies to exit the pandemic healthier and more active than when they entered. This review has some...
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    Having problems with power loss on my Aventon Pace 500 (2020 model)

    If you have a spare battery or can borrow a compatible one i would try that. I think it might be a BMS issue. Double check all your connections as well.
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    Zen Photon Pro- Preorder | 1040Wh UL Certified battery | 500W nominal/900W peak power Torque-sensing motor w/ Throttle | USD 2999 | CAD 3999

    Can you provide a link to them, or a link to the bike order page with these options?
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    Zen Photon Pro- Preorder | 1040Wh UL Certified battery | 500W nominal/900W peak power Torque-sensing motor w/ Throttle | USD 2999 | CAD 3999

    Is there an option to get ah second battery? i didn't see any battery options on the website.
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    New Carbon Fiber Bike from Ride1up

    Confirmed; The extender battery for the Roadster can be installed on the CF1. However; the charger is different for the extender-battery so you would need a second compatible charger. The bike uses the battery with the highest voltage first, and you could have multiple extender-batteries and...
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    New Carbon Fiber Bike from Ride1up

    Does anyone know how the extender works? When you use the extender on this bike (or their other models) does it first use the internal battery before it switches to the extender, or does it use both at the same time? If you have the extender in a backpack and your main battery dies, are you...
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    Vancouver BC hotel/riding info request

    I seem to remember the seawall around Stanley Park did not allow bikes. walking and roller blades were common. I'd check the Vancouver City websites, to get the current rules.
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    1344Wh fat tire bike Frey EX-FAT is coming with a promo price for a month, saving up to 1700 USD!

    Seems like this would be a good bike to release with the M560 motor, but the specs still say M620.
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    Bad battery on two year old JB RipCurrent

    Currently, without additional information, yes i disagree with Juiced's current assessment. The BMS is just very primitive, and is not able to always keep the cells balanced. Many reasons for that, to technical for here. There are many ways for me to discharge a battery, but for someone...
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    Bad battery on two year old JB RipCurrent

    Sounds to me like a bad cell / cell group that is out of balance. You should not charge the battery to full, because it is over charging the other cells to make up the difference of the low group. You could try to discharge the battery by other means and then charge it again. Might bring it back...
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    Bad battery on two year old JB RipCurrent

    You don't give any information on what it takes to get the battery going again after a cut out. Repair is expensive, and very hard to diagnose issue without opening battery if it is the battery. It's possible it is something else that is the problem, but we need more information. if it is the...
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    Once again exploring new e touring bikes.

    I'm looking forward to a similar bike. We now have 3kWh batteries on ebikes, i'm testing one and it is nice. I want low maintenance so i'm testing Pinion 12 speed and belt drive on a regular bike. Getting the gearing right with pinion and electric might be hard with the limited options...
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    Do you carry an extra battery?

    I carry 0, 2 or 3 extra batteries depending which bike i'm riding and where i'm going. I need 3 batteries for 100 miles without worries, so more than that and i'm going to be considering carrying 3 extra batteries depends a bit on the bike as they are quite different, but also have different...