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    Cane Creek Thudbuster ST G4 clamps are poorly designed

    The Brooks saddle rails widen towards the rear of the seat. I can’t really adjust the seat as far forward as I need to. I had a Fizik argo 3 that worked ok with the thudbuster, but after a couple years of riding on it it started to hurt my sit bones. I really like my Brooks spring seat, can...
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    Cane Creek Thudbuster ST G4 clamps are poorly designed

    I agree, mine broke (clamp bolt) when I installed a new seat just recently. I bought a new Brooks b67 and installed it on my stock non suspension seatpost and it works better (more adjustable and secure) than the thudbuster st I have. The thudbuster keeps my seat too far back from the bars. The...
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    Allant+ 7s cracked rear wheel

    I had the rim on my electra townie crack near the spoke nipple, I think it’s the same 27.5 inch rim your bike has. I was given a 9 month warranty eta for a new rim by the dealer(summer of 21). I ordered a new rim from velocity wheels and haven’t had a rim issue, so far 5,000 miles. I also...
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    bbs02b ticking noise

    I have had similar annoying clicks too and its my thudbuster st seat post and seat rails. I thought it was my motor (bosch), cranks or pedals, but its my seatpost and seat. I just crank up the volume of my headphones.
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    So what's your other hobbies or interests?

    My hobby that helps me ride my bike
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    Recommendations for ebike (lbs options... Trek, Giant)

    The Electra townie path go 10d is a nice bike I have had mine about a year and 3700 miles and it still and works like new. I like the upright riding position and power is perfect for me (Bosch performance line cruise 65nm) The 11-42 10 speed makes the bike a great hill climber. Their is a low...
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    Gazelle vs Trek Verve+ 3

    If you ate a heavier rider the gazelle bikes usually have 36 spoke wheels, the trek bikes have 32 spoke wheels. I had to upgrade my 32 spoke wheelset to a 36, but I weigh 270 lbs. I have an electra mid drive, a trek brand.
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    Townie 10D smartphone display

    Yes, it also has navigation, contacts and audio player control.
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    Townie 10D smartphone display here is a link to the apple app website for the Cobi smart phone app. It is the app I use for my apple phone and smart hub. If you have an android phone you will need the Cobi app for it , I don’t have a link for it.
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    Replacement rear wheel for Vado 4

    Thread '330lbs wanting specialized como 4.0' Hi, i found a thread that might answer your question. I have upgraded my electra townie with velocity cliffhanger 36h wheelset, no more broken spokes. The thing...
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    Windex in a syringe, injected between grip and bar with a blunt tip. Works well dissolving contact glue adhesive.
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    Which commuter ebike? Specialized 2022 Como/Vado 5.0 vs 2022 Trek Allant+ 7S

    The Trek seems like a better deal to me, plus it’s in stock. I hope you enjoy your new bike, which ever you pick.
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    Ebiking and chronic pain

    I got a ebike (Electra townie path go) when walking became too painful to enjoy. It has opened up a whole new life for me. I am now getting into decent shape and strengthening my legs in a way my shuffling gait couldn’t 😀
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    Additional Fee when buying from a motorcycle dealer

    I would buy a different brand and not pay the fee.