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    Some bicycle travel tips

    I’ve done some longer haul on and off-road my trips included ing to a few ‘middle of nowhere’ type trips, and mostly found a workable balance of packing, although its always a challenge chasing ‘how can I lighten further?’ A couple of synthetic shirts, 2-3 socks and underwear + a rain/warmth...
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    Budget E-Bike list of Full Suspension, Integrated Batteries 900-2000$

    Wow, long rant. So sorry, was actually trying to help with info, not imagine your needs are identical to anyone else’s. You should probably expect actual responses in posting on a forum, so while you can feel free to ignore my an other other well-intentioned posts you don’t care for, perhaps...
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    Budget E-Bike list of Full Suspension, Integrated Batteries 900-2000$

    OMG, 112lbs?!? IMO, it won't matter if you're treating the bike as more of a 'moped' but that is super-heavy for an e-bike in general. A lot of the 'misc China generic bikes' that get re-branded by various vendors are at the ~80# mark or so with battery included, while the more expensive...
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    How can this be possible?

    Normal - batteries don't maintain 100% charge indefinitely, they drain slowly. Technically if you're talking about over months, most store their batteries when not being actively used at less than full charge, typical recommendations ~60% charge. You can google bike battery storage for lots of...
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    Juggernaut Ultra DUO 3 in blue, arrived more purple, Biktrix made it right.

    I can't believe this thread is still going. I've run a small business before and sometimes the business is in the wrong, sometimes not. @roshan - I expect you'd actually sell more bikes shown the new color vs the 'China baby blue' and yeah, you probably should update the site pics IMO (maybe...
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    Are There Class 4 E-Bikes With Belt Drives?

    Absolutely on all the reasons. #3 is critical if you're doing something 'remote' like Alaska to South/Central America - good luck on a replacement belt. Worst case on a chain is everyone packs some spare masters and a breaker or hacksaw/multitool, or even some strong wire for 'total limp mode'...
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    Always be well lighted and safe like this guy.

    Has to be a joke. Besides the crazy lights (and OK, why is there a pistol in a circle above 'cyclist' on the back of his shirt?!?), I'd almost be willing to wager he used to do looong dual-sport motorcycle trips, as the panniers and what might be a standalone GPS mounted left of the phone (or...
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    Forum Down

    @Court made a post on the migration here if anyone wants to carry on their withdrawal stories or sees other specific, still existing issues. ;)
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    Show us pictures of your cockpit!

    Forum upgrade that ran into some issues..
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    Forum Down

    I was almost going to say 'at least it wasn't Foxpro' but that would have probably been an 'upgrade' over Access. I do not want to know who devised that system - might have been one of those 'here's a proof of concept' -> 'great, ship it!' bits, but no way in telling. And - at least you were...
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    Forum Down

    On this - quite often it's due to underlying security bugs, and not just the direct software (e.g. the forum bulletining board software, which is probably still a combination of PHP (which has it's own versions and fixes), one or more databases like MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server .... with...
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    Forum Down

    Seems like alerts and alert history was reset, probably due to the restructured URLs - I am however still getting email notifications on watched threads and seeing them (all 2 of them, nothing prior to upgrade) in the alerts/notifications icon in the upper right, and the email link to one of...
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    Forum Down

    You're giving me flashbacks.... (similar, used to mod and admin numerous forums, and do some custom code and maintain the infra as non-paid hobby). Guys - like M@ said, it happens. Even massive sites go down in entire regions or even worldwide (Google, Etsy, ebay, Twitter X that mess Elon is...
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    Are There Class 4 E-Bikes With Belt Drives?

    BMW has also had belt drive bikes for some time. It's an interesting callout RE: the belt drive, and as someone that's gone across a country or two before, I don't disagree with the claim on belt drives not being ideal, but - on bicycles, I suppose it's relative. Motorcycle chains by...
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    Budget E-Bike list of Full Suspension, Integrated Batteries 900-2000$

    I'm sure the OP's long gone (did you buy one? How about a ride report?), but here's that awesome rear shock on the same ride - note the price.
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    Budget E-Bike list of Full Suspension, Integrated Batteries 900-2000$

    Just one more thing to consider - the weight posted maybe low because some manufacturers like to post weights without the battery. Add another ~10# or so if this is the case.
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    Budget E-Bike list of Full Suspension, Integrated Batteries 900-2000$

    This one's priceless, 'MSDS certified' huh? :) M@ called the right things out here - are 'vendors' (using the term loosely b/c this is pretty sleazy) just making up non-certifications really someone to put any level of trust into (e.g. the bike will be as expected, safe, etc.) or just more...
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    Cyclist husband that I'm looking to keep up with-- help choosing!

    I agree with some of the other posts, that it seems like a 'SL'/superlight would be a good fit. Orbea and maybe a few others are now making 'SL' variant bikes, being lighter and lower powered than the majority of ebikes. Also agree - you would do well with a torque-sensing mid-drive as a...
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    Mahle X20

    It's unfortunate that 'deleted member 46571' left us. Motors, whether gas, diesel, or electric, do indeed have relative speed vs torque, HP, power relationships. Sadly, no one, Specialized included AFAIK, have stepped forward with more meaningful dyno plots for their powers, and instead play...
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    My customized Luna X2 and Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy Demo

    Can you expand a bit more on the above? Sounds like something I'd tell the guys showing up for track time (not 1/4 mile) in Mustangs and Camaros, versus a bunch of turbo Miatas, Porsches, etc.. Glad you're happy with the new ride!