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    Enviolo or Rohloff?

    My experience with an Enviolo hub on a Tern HSD S+ was that it was not as efficient as casette gears nor would it shift at the right moment. I know you wanted a comparison between Enviolo and Rohloff, but don't forget regular gears if you want the most efficient transfer of power for climbing.
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    Searching for the perfect ebike

    @MCWeber, another steel-frame ebike would be Jones: They use a Bafang mid-drive motor which, I suspect, is less refined than say Bosch or Yamaha, but more powerful. Their steel frames should be very good. I use their H-Bars on both my ebikes. I wish they...
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    Searching for the perfect ebike

    @MCWeber, I'm a big admirer of Rivendell bikes and their overall philosophy. I believe if you talk to the folks at Rivendell they will warn you away from carbon-fiber frames and forks. Their argument goes something like this: One microscopic crack and the frame or fork becomes dangerous, and you...
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    anybody have riding videos?

    I have years of footage but don't have the time to edit, although I have the skills and the tools (Mac with Final Cut Pro). I began riding ebikes in 2016 and soon attached my GoPros to my bikes. I would record nearly every ride, and I ride four times a week, 20 to 40 miles per ride. I thought...
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    Do most speed sensor systems use a magnet that's mounted to a wheel spoke

    Both my Haibike and my Yuba ebikes use a magnet mounted on a wheel spoke. I've owned the Haibike since 2016 and and have over 15,000 miles, on and off road. I've had the Yuba for 18 months, on and off road, riding it four times a week. No problems with the magnet on either bike whatsoever...
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    Current etrike offerings and buying tips

    When you turn the outside wheel in tadpole configuration helps prevent flipping over.
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    Current etrike offerings and buying tips

    I have been waiting for Arcimoto to produce their Lean Mean Machine ever since they bought Tilting Motor Works, purveyors of motorcycle conversion kits that convert certain Harley, Indian, and Honda motorcycles into tadpole (two wheels in front, one in back) trikes. The tadpole configuration is...
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    Do you carry an extra battery?

    I carry two batteries on each of my two 36V torque-and-cadence-sensing mid-drive ebikes. My 2016 Haibike AllMtn came with a 400WH Yamaha battery, and I bought an extra Yamaha 500WH battery two years ago. The original 400WH battery still has about 90% capacity after about 14,000 miles, and the...
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    Dual Battery Balancer circuit - experiences!

    I know, @Ravi Kempaiah, that you asked for experience with high-voltage (52V) dual batteries powering hub-drive motors, so my experience is not directly relevant. I have been riding a mid-drive Yuba Spicy Curry AT with two batteries for the past 18 months. It is a Bosch system. A 36V system, if...
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    Help finding a mid-drive, torque ebike with a throttle and natural pedal assist?

    Back to trying to help @tricycle with his request, Jeff Jones makes ebikes with Bafang mid-drive motors, throttle included. Spendy, but @tricycle did not mention a budget. Jones has a wait list, so it may be a while before you can get your hands on one. Apparently, he prefers to talk on the...
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    How's the bike infrastructure where you ride?

    People for Bikes just published their 2023 ratings for best cities for bicycling in the U.S. and around the world.
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    Best wind noise solutions?

    One alternative is to wear musician's earplugs, i.e. earplugs that attenuate all frequencies evenly but still let you hear all the sounds around you at a lower volume (usually 20dB lower). Although I don't use them when riding, I use them on other occasions.
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    Tern HSD gen 2

    We owned the gen 1 Tern HSD S+ (the one with automatic Enviolo drive and carbon belt) and enjoyed it a lot. It's main drawback was its wimpy Bosch motor with only 65Nm of torque (which, I feel, was an exagerated figure). It's good to know that the gen 2 HSD's now have a more powerful motor, but...
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    How's the bike infrastructure where you ride?

    Jeremy, thank you for starting this thread. With all due respect, however, as a resident of San Diego since 1975 I have to disagree with your optimistic assessment of our bicycle infrastructure. I would give it no higher than 5/10. Yes, there are separated bike paths along the San Diego River...
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    Tern HSD to GSD

    Yes, I forgot that the 2020-2021 HSD's with only 50Nm of torque was called the Bosch Active Line (not the Performance Line). I edited my post above to reflect that. It appears that some (but not all) current HSD's models have the Performance Line motor with 65Nm of torque. Still, the 85Nm Cargo...
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    Tern HSD to GSD

    In 2020 I bought my girlfriend a Tern HSD S+. She liked it a lot and rode it frequently until last year. (She decided to stop riding bikes because of the danger of breaking bones due to osteoporosis.) I rode the bike occasionally and my disppointment was primarily the wimpy Bosch Active Line...
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    handlebar rise or longer goose neck?

    @ptegler, Jones H-Bar with 2.5-inch rise. The 45-degree backsweep helps the hand/wrist position enormously. Jones H-bars have a lot of room for accesories. If the rise and backsweep are not enough for you, install a stem riser or two while making sure your cables and brake lines are long enough...
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    Choosing FS e-bike for large rider for mixed offroad / paved trail use

    I would heed @Stefan Mikes' and @6zfshdb's recommendations. In looking at your requirements, @newheights, it looks like you want a go-anywhere bike, which is not a bad bike to have. I would recommend a full suspension mid-drive e-mountain bike with plus-size tires (i.e. 2.8 to 3-inch) on...
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    Water Bottles

    I also don't like the taste of most water bottles. I invested in a Purist bottle (they're expensive!). Purist bottles are steel, insulated, and the inside is lined with a very thin 60nm layer of glass. Drinking from a Purist bottle is just like drinking from a glass, tastewise.
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    How do you store your bikes in your apartment/home?

    I live in a condo on the third floor. Fortunately, I have a storage unit in our basement garage that is large enough for me to store four bicycles: two conventional bikes hung from the ceiling, and two ebikes on the floor in tandem. There is electricity so I can charge my batteries there too...