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    What's holding back the e-bike boom? Research, safety, and bias (article)

    Less than 1 mile from my house there is an elementary school and none of the children walk or ride a bicycle to the school. 100% arrive in their parents cars or in a school bus. The reason is that it is not safe with roads having no shoulders or sidewalks and motorists driving faster than the...
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    California DMV getting tough on e-motos?

    More than half the area of U.S. cities is taken up for the movement, parking, and storage of cars and trucks. That entails a massive subsidy of motorists by everyone. Safety is in part a matter of expectations and also of speed differentials. A pedestrian ambling along at 1-2 mph needs to be...
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    What have you done with your gearing?

    My Specialized Creo came with a 11-46 cassette and a 46-tooth chainring. I replaced the cassette with a 11-34T to have tighter gear spacing. I also replaced the derailleur with one with a shorter cage. No issues with the existing chain.
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    Who here has used dog spray?

    A neighbor let his little dog run loose and go into the street which is very steep and no way for a bicyclist to stop in time. Major PITA until the dog was killed by a mountain lion. I used my bike pump to keep dogs at a distance but now I use CO2 cartridges and so the only option is a small...
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    Our cat just vanished.

    Cats kept 100% indoors live on average 10 years longer than ones that roam outdoors. If I let my dogs run loose during the day and they killed a cat people would get upset. But people let their cats run loose and these cats decimate the local bird and reptile population and it is considered...
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    Choosing an E-Bike Class 1 versus Class 3?

    Many complaints by riders of Class I and some Class III bikes where the rider gets up to near 18 mph and then the motor cuts out and it feels like the brakes have been applied. For me that would negate riding and e-bike. I bought a Specialized Creo Turbo SL and it is a Class III and feels very...
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    Where To Vacation With Paved Bicycle Trails, E-Bike Rentals & Nearby Lodging?

    There are numerous places renting e-bike in the SF Bay area and one located in Pacific Grove that rents e-bikes for use in Monterey and riding 17-mile drive in Pebble Beach. The 17-mile drive road and others in Pebble Beach have little or no traffic on any day of the week. Tourist drive slowly...
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    Choosing efficient clothing for your bike tour

    good start but strongly disagree on two points. Mountain bike shoes allow for the use of clip-in pedals and are comfortable for walking around when off the bike. If I took anything in addition it would be a very cheap pair of sneakers that have as thin a sole as possible and so take up less...
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    Firmware update for charging limit

    I saw no gain with the firmware update. I only charge after 3 or 4 rides and if it is below 40% SOD. Keeping batteries "topped off" is never a good practice.
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    Mission Control Versions-are our bikes "bricked"?

    The latest firmware updates were to keep users from overcharging the battery pack and so stopped charging at 80%. I can see the need for this if people insist on recharging after every ride. I wait until the SOC is around 20% before charging the battery and so did not have the update applied on...
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    Creo vs Domane+ SLR w TQ motor - anyone ride both?

    The Domane felt like a Class 2 e-bike with its bulk and weight. The Creo felt like a normal road bike and its Class III pedal assist is very smooth. No sense of braking when getting to 18 mph with the Credo and so no problems with powering up a hill and maintaining momentum - like non electric...
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    Canopy added to hybrid etrike/scooter for some weather protection

    In large cities in China where electric scooters have been commonplace for more than a decade the people often use a special cape that covers them and their scooter and has a clear window in the front. I was surprised at how quiet all the scooters were until I realize that they all had electric...
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    Electric Car thread

    It was diabolical and it ended up as a case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. The court agreed that these companies had behaved in a criminal manner but only fined them $1. Not that different from the Sacklers that caused pain and suffering and early deaths for many thousands of people and...
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    Electric Car thread

    Check your history and you will find that in the late 1800's traffic jams were common and the solution was installing electric trolley car lines. The problem we now have is that after World War II a cabal with GM, Firestone Tire, and Standard Oil, created a corporation that then bought up all...
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    I was able to add a third-party mount for the Varia so I could have a tool/tube pouch under the...

    I was able to add a third-party mount for the Varia so I could have a tool/tube pouch under the seat and not have it block the Varia or have it at an angle where it would be less effective in detecting an approaching vehicle. No light is as effective as having something on the pedals that are...
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    Creo Tire Pump

    I very seldom have experienced a flat tire and so I take two CO2 cartridges for flats. I know I am going to need to deflate the tubes when I get home and use a floor pump to re-inflate them but that is not a big deal. If I was doing a multi-day tours with no sag wagon it would be a different matter.
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    If you were me, which Turbo Vado SL would you buy?

    If you are on pavement there is no advantage to having a 40 lb mountain bike over a 27 lb road bike like the Turbo Creo SL. I would not want 2.3" tires as with the Vado bike, on pavement.
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    Creo vs Domane+ SLR w TQ motor - anyone ride both?

    When I was looking for a lightweight e-bike the Trek came in at about 10 lbs heavier than the Creo bike. The new Trek e-bikes are a lot lighter but still 3 lbs heavier than the Creo bikes. Both are good Class III bikes that provide a power assist for wind or hills that is very natural. The power...
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    Creo SL Road E-Bike Rental - Portugal

    For my part in a situation such as this I would make sure I had two ultra low gears on the bike so I could go up any grade. I might be slower than the other riders but it is a tour and not a race and there is going to be plenty of daylight at that time of the year. If the bike that can be rented...
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    Chain Wear

    Wear on the chain and stretching is going to vary with the bike and the rider and how they ride. Using the motor at full power while cranking down hard on the pedals is going to put a lot more load on the chain than if someone is using a 30% assist from the motor and making use of lower gears...