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    Like NEW Zen Photon in Metro Detroit.

    Less than 100 miles on her. FANTASTIC ebike… if you know, you know! Zen is “state of the art“ when it comes to batteries, battery management, design and specs and customer service. This is basically a bomb-proof, no maintenance, fast, comfortable electric bike. It’s really the last electric...
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    Zen Photon review

    My name is Steven and I live in Michigan. I’m 6ft tall, 200lbs and in my mid 50’s. I also keep pretty busy and consider myself somewhat athletic. My ebike journey: I originally was looking at purchasing the Zen Samurai but it didn’t have a throttle and I wasn’t sure I would want an ebike that...
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    Need help finding the “perfect” ebike!

    1st off let me say I’m on my 2nd ebike right now. I’m 57, 6’ tall, 205 and in very good physical shape... and I live in Michigan so our paved roads are usually rutted. I ride mostly on the concrete/asphalt but will hit light dirt trails (my days of hard core MTB are far behind me). My 1st bike...