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    Has any Evelo Omega owner seen this icon on their display screen ????

    I heard back from Evelo customer service on this. Here's the answer - I heard back from the factory on this last night. While our displays do not include a USB port (the output is so low that we decided not to include it--it just ends up adding frustration for customers), the display has the...
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    Has any Evelo Omega owner seen this icon on their display screen ????

    Hi. Took a night ride last night on my Evelo Omega. Saw this icon flashing on the top of my display. Almost looked like a USB drive, but I know that the Omega has no USB port. Has anyone else seen this? I sent a photo to Evelo customer support but they responded with 'no idea what that is'...
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    Newbie Omega owner - question about the envelio transmission

    Hello Hello. Just received/assembled my new Omega. Downloaded the Envelio app and took the bike for a quick spin. Questions for the experienced Omega riders: 1) Do you typically ride the bike in 'automatic' or 'manual' mode? I live in Florida - very, very flat here. 2) I typically ride...
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    Understanding the settings screens

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    Magnum UI6 instructions attached to change controller settings

    Couldn't find this online anywhere, so I called Magnum. They very nicely emailed me the following instructions. Enjoy Cameron Gibbons <[email protected]> Hi Joe, Here is the step-by-step instructions to gain access to your displays settings...
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    Newbie question - Magnum UI6 computer display

    Hi. Just picked up my Magnum UI6 yesterday. Love it. Question (I did look at the online manual, but couldn't find this answer): Is there a way to display the estimated remaining range, in miles, on the computer display ? I can do so on my wife's Townie, but I can't find any information to...