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    Swap LMT'D Handlebars?

    Cutting handlebars down to size is beyond me right now. I was hoping for a link to order a duplicate of what comes on the step-over LMT'D frame. Does anyone know?
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    Swap LMT'D Handlebars?

    I saw that, but it doesn't include the width.
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    Swap LMT'D Handlebars?

    I have a LMT'D Step-over frame and my wife as a LMT'D step-thru frame. She doesn't like the swept-back handlebar style on her step-thru frame and wants to swap her handlebars to be the same as the step-over. Does anyone know where to order the Step-over frame's handlebars? Perhaps provide a...
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    Weight of fully assembled LMT'D, carrying Hyperax e-bike rack, Tesla Model X.

    I assembled two Ride1Up LMT'D bikes (with torque sensors), both step-through and step-over frames. Both bikes included the Ride1Up fenders and rear racks, and the tires were inflated. LMT'D Step-through frame with rear rack and fenders: 54.8 lbs with battery 47.6 lbs without battery...
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    Amid fire concern, NYC banning sale of electric bikes without UL-listed batteries Is there a database somewhere what lists UL-certified batteries?
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    Parts left over after assembling LMT'D

    I looked beneath the seat but didn't see anywhere that it would fit. Here's a picture of the part flipped over... it looks like it fits over a hex nut. My first guess was the front wheel lock, but it doesn't seem to go there either.
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    Parts left over after assembling LMT'D

    I'm pretty sure I figured out parts #2 and #3. Turns out they came with the fenders. When assembling my LMT'd step-through frame's fenders, the clamps that hold the fender to the front forks is snug enough. But on my LMT'd with step-over frame, they're loose. I cut one of these down to about...
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    Parts left over after assembling LMT'D

    I have these five parts left over after assembling my LMT'd step-through. Does anybody know where these go?
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    Aventon Level.2 versus Ride1Up LMT'D

    I've narrowed my decision between the Aventon Level.2 and Ride1Up LMT'D, and I can't decide between these two torque-sensor bikes. They come out to about the same price after adding some of the components (fenders, rack, lights) that the LMT'D is missing. Aventon seems to be the bigger name...
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    Fat man bike; long time rider, but not ebikes

    Velotric sells the Discover 1 which is spec'd with 440lb max load. I rode one last week and like it. Nice Black Friday sale going on right now, too.
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    Do you regret buying (or not buying) Step-thru vs. Step-over frame?

    I'm close to pulling the trigger to buy two torque-sensor ebikes (either Aventon Level.2 or Ride1Up LMT'D, but that doesn't really matter for this question). I'm hesitant to buy step-thru frames because they don't look like "normal" bikes to me, and there are fewer options for transporting on...