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    Differences between hub motor with Torque sensor vs mid drive motor

    I am looking at purchasing a new bike and very interested in something like the new Aventon Pace 500.3. It is a hub motor with a torque sensor. Prior to this I was thinking of just looking at a mid drive as most of those use a torque sensor. I have an old hub motor e-bike with cadence sensor and...
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    Possible to add handlebar riser to Pace500 Step Through?

    Update: brought it into the local bike store. They said the main bolt was bent and somehow was stuck, probably at time of factor assembly. But with some patience and a lot of brute force they were able to get it out and install the extender. Cost about $30 to install. All good now.
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    New controller install and test - Pace 500

    Thanks for the response. Sounds like something might have changed in their software. Pressing those buttons simultaneously does not seem to work any longer.
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    Advanced settings screen

    Can someone please explain to me how to get into those Advanced settings? I have a Pace500 Step through, about two years old, that I just updated the controller and display on. On the older display I was able to press the + and - buttons for three seconds to get to the advanced settings. This...
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    New controller install and test - Pace 500

    Took me a bit to get it installed and eventually took it to local bike shop for installation of new controller due to a few stripped screws (not my doing). So now have new color monitor AND new controller installed on my Pace500. And STILL when I try to get into advanced menu I cannot. On the...
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    New controller install and test - Pace 500

    I am midway through my Display and Controller upgrade. I installed the display and it seems to be working fine. Before I went on to install the controller I wanted to make sure everything was good. In going through a check I noticed that with the NEW display and OLD controller installed I can no...
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    Question after installing new Color Display BC280 on Pace500

    I installed the new color monitor (BC280) on my Pace500 today. Installation went well and it is working perfectly. However, the ability to get into the advanced settings by holding down the "+" and "-" keys seems to have disappeared. In fact, when I hold those two buttons down I get a walk mode...
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    Possible to add handlebar riser to Pace500 Step Through?

    Thanks. That is indeed the model and I agree it does look compatible. I did loosen all the screws including the one in the center down the stem. But I cannot get the handlebars and holder to release off the stem. The screw in the stem can loosen a few turns but that does not seem to change...
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    Possible to add handlebar riser to Pace500 Step Through?

    Thanks. That is what I purchased. But it does not seem compatible as the adjustable stem of the Pace500 does not seem to come off the bike. Does anyone know for certain that this can be removed?
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    Possible to add handlebar riser to Pace500 Step Through?

    We have a medium Pace 500 Step Through. This is the model with the adjustable stem and handlebars. Even will the adjustable put at straight up so the handlebars are as high as possible, they seem a bit too low for my 6'1" spouse. I ordered a handlebar riser but it seems after trying to install...
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    Questions about 2022 Turbo Como and Vado

    I am thinking about purchasing a new 2022 Turbo Como 3.0. But the pics I see it seems it has a molded fixed handlebar. But I cannot find any definitive information either from Specialized or my nearby dealer. Anyone have any info? And if it is indeed fixed would a Vado be a good second choice as...