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    E-bike wire snapped and now have an error 30. Engwe x20

    Ageed. The post seemed a bit 'disjointed', (confusing) plus being a new poster. Not a strong combination to solicit help.
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    E-bike wire snapped and now have an error 30. Engwe x20

    There way 'too much going on ' here.... For starters, if any real manufacturer contact info is available, there will be no 'Customer Support' . Second. if the bike works meaning, the motor provides assist as it should, that's huge. Forget about the lack of the throttle unless, do to your...
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    Bike tires? Puncture proof? Skid proof?

    Hello, I have two e-bikes, a mountain and a commuter. I run Schwalbe Flatless for ebikes on both. The Marathon Plus for my commuter and the Marathon MTB on my mountain bike. 12,000 miles combined total and no flats. I ride rail trails and some road on my mtb, no real mountain biking...
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    Rear wheel flats

    Hello, I run Schwalbe Marathon + Flatless tires on both my Trek e-bikes, a XM700+ Commuter and a Powerfly7 MTB..I have no flats in over 7000 miles combined on both sets. Never a flat on the Marathon plus. I strongly recommend you spend some time checking out Schwalbe link below... Schwalbe...
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    New old guy, first ebike

    Hello and welcome, You're 67...That makes you you a young'un, I'm 77 and have ridden e-bikes for 6+ years. Getting out and riding is pure joy ! Just like the first time six years ago. I'm glad you checked in. Please return often. All the best, John
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    New member, hello...

    Hi Anton, Welcome to EBR. You certainly have some interesting stories. Please check in often and share. All the best, John
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    TREK Powerfly 9.7 Lt Chain ring options

    Hi Dave, All, I counted the teeth on my Trek XM700+ Commuter chain ring today...20t :) John
  8. J

    TREK Powerfly 9.7 Lt Chain ring options

    Howdy, I misspoke in my original chain ring size. Dummy me, 20T is the crank... From the Trek Website, XM700 "Crank.....Miranda Delta, 20T" Duhhh. I'll count the teeth and report back. Sorry. John
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    TREK Powerfly 9.7 Lt Chain ring options

    Hey Dave, Great to hear from you. I can't believe I missed your post. Us Trek XM 700 guys have to stick together, there's so few of us... : ) I was unable to physically check my front ring, but will do so tomorrow, Tuesday. In the mean time the Trek XM 700 Specs call for a 20 T ring. John
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    Help please🤯

    In my view you made a very wise decision. John
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    Help me select a bike please

    Perhaps I could have done a better job explaining. Simply stated...A QuietKat Jeep type vehicle is in my view an e-Motorcycle, and it should called what I believe it and others like it are. The QK Jeep has a massive 1000W Motor with 160 NM of torque, weighs 75 pounds plus all of the other...
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    Help me select a bike please

    Howdy, I checked out the QuietKat Jeep on QuietKats web site. It looks like a ton of fun... The 'Jeep' seems like a very well thought out, well designed 'e-motorcycle.' In my view this is not an e-bike. Not specifically picking on this product, there are many, but I really wish these...
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    Cyclist husband that I'm looking to keep up with-- help choosing!

    Hello Herc, You wrote..... "I'd prefer to keep it under 2k, and truly the cheaper the better as I am having a hard time convincing myself it is ok to spend money on this" I'm here to take you out of that mindset : ) If you have the financial means I would push the 2k number to 3k minimum...
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    e-bike noob

    Hello, And Welcome. Wow ! The Allant +8S is a great bike. Excellent choice. I have two 'older' Trek e-Bikes and I'm extremely pleased. 11,000 miles with zero problems. Should you be in the market for a suspension seat post, consider the Kenekt Active seat post. I have one on each of my...
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    Specialized Turbo Creo - serious upgrades

    Agreed, An e-bike mode can be as simple as a bell, mirror an grips or can be 'full boat.' To the each individual owner it's all special and unique. John
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    E-bike Newbie

    Hey 'Rome,' Good for you !! Sounds like you're completely into and enjoying this whole wonderful e-Bike 'Thing ' : ) Isn't it great. ..There are so many excellent e-bikes as I'm sure your know. For me it truly is the first time riding every time I ride. Such a joy. Thanks for your great reply...
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    E-bike Newbie

    Hello LPB, Welcome to EBR check in often. You mentioned you'll be purchasing your first e-Bike. If I may share my story with the sole purpose of offering encouragement. Six year ago I was in the exact same situation you're in.... I didn't know an e-bike from a pound of cheese. I rode a Trek...
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    Another new old guy - new ebike!

    Hello StuGuy, Welcome to EBR...Great looking bike, love the color ! ...and you your wife's Trek, another great bike ! What's with the 'Old Guy Stuff. ' 68 ? : ) You're a youngin. I bought the first of my two ebikes when I was 70, I'm 76, soon to be 77 and approaching 11,000 miles. Every...
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    Electric scooter trend?

    Hello All, I'm curious if anyone has knowledge of the type of 'average' injury ( if there is such a thing) one might experience from a scooter crash ridden at 'speed' aka 20,30 40 + mph. I'm assuming death is in the mix of crashes ? The laws of physics seem to rule against the rider...
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    First Five Rides + a Fall - Turbo Turbo Tero 6.0 X

    Many times the decision is split sec Go, No go and typically 'we' opt for Go. We've all done it, Once I got past the reluctance to opt for the safer way It was very easy the next time trouble popped up. I'm not lecturing, but we tend to underestimate falls...Look at me. I was barely...