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  1. byunbee

    Frey Beast 60V 1800W eMTB

    My guess isn't that Frey couldn't get it up to the higher power output. It's probably more to do with 1000W being more than enough power most people would need along with the impact to the range when running at the higher power output. Also, they didn't post prices, so you probably have to...
  2. byunbee

    Frey Beast 60V 1800W eMTB

    It's available as of today. Limited to 30 orders worldwide...for now. Looks like they did some tweaking of their controller. I wonder if it's similar to the Wattwagons Archon X1. I do recall one of their UK ambassador purchasing the Bafang M620 with the Archon controller. It's possible that...
  3. byunbee

    What price should I sell for?

    Hey my formula was pretty close! 😁
  4. byunbee

    2020 BMC AMP Sport One Carbon Medium (SOLD)

    I can see riding that bike without the battery. 25lbs is a manageable weight without the motor. Is there a cap or something to protect the contacts when the battery is removed?
  5. byunbee

    2020 BMC AMP Sport One Carbon Medium (SOLD)

    Sorry if I missed it. Sounds like a great deal.
  6. byunbee

    2020 BMC AMP Sport One Carbon Medium (SOLD)

    What’s the top speed and size?
  7. byunbee

    Cane Creek Thudbuster ST 31.6”

    It wasn’t registered. I bought it from Amazon about 5 months ago.
  8. byunbee

    2018 Specialized EBike Turbo Vado 6.0 - L 256 miles (Central Ohio) $2850

    You can also try listing it on bicyclebluebook, offerup, and craigslist. But be very careful with scammers and hackers on offerup and craigslist. They'll ask for your contact info saying they want to buy, but it's a scam. With that said, the bike price seems reasonable.
  9. byunbee

    does the bafang m 600 motor suck ?

    I don't think there is a speed limiter on M600. If so, it's no less than 28mph. The other downside of Bafang motors is their weight. I believe they weigh at least double what the Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, or Shimano motors weigh. For more agile riding like riding technical tracks, the weight of...
  10. byunbee

    Selling my Superdelite Rohloff HS 2020 - What is a reasonable price?

    What makes iDWorx Tour bike a more capable bike than what you already have with the R&M? Is it the battery range you're worried about? If so, wouldn't it be more economical to just purchase another set of batteries to carry with you? R&M SuperDelite is an expensive buyer's remorse bike... I...
  11. byunbee

    10 Best Bike Brands In The World

    Canyon is also a great brand with impeccable reputation. SInce they only sell direct to consumers, their bikes tend to be little more affordable compared to similar level bikes from other bike manufacturers. Giant is pretty close.
  12. byunbee

    Need opinion on ebike selection

    Based on your goals (to get more fit and ride longer) and terrain (tarmac, fire roads, mild trail), I would recommend gravel oriented bike with front suspension since it's an all arounder. WIthin your price range, assuming $3000 is out the door budget, the following maybe good choices. I'm...
  13. byunbee

    Need opinion on ebike selection

    What are your requirements? The recommended bike will vastly differ based on how you will ride, where you will ride, how much power you need, budget, whether you want throttle or PAS only, etc.
  14. byunbee

    Apples to apples?

    I’ve read that one of the main reasons for the 250W label from Bosch, Brose , Yamaha, and Shimano is to be able to legally fit within the EU regulations. Most likely these motors have much higher tolerances than what the manufacturers specify. Bafang Ultra is in a different league in terms of...
  15. byunbee

    Tour de “e” France

    They already have world cups for emtb's.
  16. byunbee

    Travalanche with Kindernay

    @pushkar just posted a video of the Travalanche with the Kindernay IGH.
  17. byunbee

    Newbie from Bellingham, WA

    Happy pre-birthday! 🎂🎂
  18. byunbee

    Newbie from Bellingham, WA

    I believe there are folks in their eighties on EBR.
  19. byunbee

    New to the Forum from SoCal.

    Welcome Vapor! I'm vaping as I type this! 🤣 In regard to your next bike, you make also want to check out Watt Wagons bikes. They use a much more powerful Bafang Ultra with a custom controller to make the power delivery similar to Bosch, Yamaha, and Brose motors with a 20-30% efficiency gain...