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    Does battery size/type make a difference?

    a common battery size for many electric bikes is in the range of 300Wh to 700Wh. For heavy bike rides, choose a larger 750Wh – 1000Wh+ battery, but note that it drains faster due to its higher speed and better slope performance, making it less ideal for daily commuting.
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    looking for studded tires 3" x 20" for my xp 2.0

    Without taking off your tires, you can insert tire studs using a stud gun. For best performance, it is advised to avoid placing too many studs and to avoid placing them at the very edge of your tread pattern.
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    Badasse Box, Euro Bikes Go 30% Faster

    Adjust the carburetor's fuel-to-air ratio for better performance. This can increase power output and acceleration of your motorized bike
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    Cost to recharge an ebike battery.

    The price to charge a battery for an electric bicycle varies on a number of variables, including the battery's capacity, the cost of energy in the area, and how effectively the battery is charged. When electricity rates are lower during off-peak hours, think about charging your electric bike...
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    Have you broken a chain?

    With a split link chain, use needle-nose pliers as a bicycle chain breaker. Position the jaws to rest on the pin and locking faceplate. Apply force to the pliers for the locking plate to slide off effortlessly.
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    MIK Pizza Rack

    I installed a Porteur rack on the front of my bike to transport pizza easily. It relies on the front wheel for support rather than just hanging from a handlebar, so it works well for objects that are on the heavy side.
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    Turning on the headlight.

    For the e-bike front light, after starting the e-bike, four dots will now appear on the right handlebar, press the button just below the four dots for about 3 to 5 seconds until the lights switch on.
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    Proper seats/saddles (especially for an e-bike)

    Nowadays, saddles have been designed with shorter and flatter noses in recent years which distribute the pressure evenly across the sit bones and reduce the pressure on the perineal area, making for a more comfortable and healthy ride. You should sit on the crook of the saddle to have equal...
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    Advice on L vs. XL sizes in Allant+

    The L will have a Trek 19.5 frame size, which is suitable for people with a height of 5’9.7" to 6′ 2′′. While the XL size is a Trekk 21.5 frame size with a height of 6’1.2" to 6’5.2", the most important thing is still finding the reach. You should measure your trekking frame and multiply your...
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    Never Raise The Handlebars In Your E-Bike (2023 update)

    The general rule is for the handlebars to be level with or above the seat height. You can use a quill stem to raise your handlebar. The recommended handlebar height is 200 mm, but it also depends on your body measurements.
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    When is it time to replace the battery?

    The lifespan of ebike batteries can last at least 5 years and they could easily withstand 1,000 charge cycles to charge your batteries quickly. You also notice these signs such as slow charging, loss of mileage, and any damages,... that your battery needs to be changed.
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    When should I be replacing my tires?

    The best time to replace your tire is based on your status of tires. First, check tire patterns, if they are worn or bald tread, you can lose grip when biking. Rubber chipping, dull, dry, and brittle tires also indicate damaged sidewalls or cracked bike tires. In addition, the tire squaring off...
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    XP/XP Lite Handlebar or Frame Bag

    A frame bag will respond to your need. You can consider using this NDakter frame bag. It’s lightweight and perfect for phone keys and a bike tool for the trail. This bag fits perfectly in the main triangle of the frame and may be very slick when installed, but the Large capacity inside multiple...
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    Why does my bike go faster without pedaling?

    You can also work on changing the bike sprockets to make your bike faster. Understanding the right sprocket ratio on a dirt bike with sprockets could help you gauge the modifications needed to achieve such a result. A larger rear sprocket paired with a smaller front one will accelerate you...
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    XP 2.0 Aftermarket Replacement Cranks?

    Replacing a bike crankset is needed whenever you discern signs of wearing and tearing on your component. Some indicators are knocking noises, a visible bent, or damage that could mean you have to purchase a newer one. The three factors to consider when choosing the optimal crank length you need...
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    Trek Powerfly rack or fenders

    Fenders are necessary for your bike if it is ridden on wet or dirty roads. It protects the rider from splashes. When water or mud splashes against the wheel, there is a big chance that it can land on your body and make you feel dirty.
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    Bike front rack for COMO (for a dog)

    When biking with the dog, it is important that your dog knows some verbal cues and commands. Simple cues like slow, fast, stop, away, and close can go a long way. It will help you communicate better with your pet, especially when riding a bike with a dog on a leash. Be consistent with your tone...