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    Super duper battery drain!!!

    I just had this happen 2 times in a row by winds here in Reno, I normally go 35+ miles, but my battery was almost drained after 17 miles the first time & 15 2nd Tim time, my e-Bike is only 2mos old so I was worried, but rode it through next day, & the wind was calm, & went right back to normal...
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    How fast is too fast for you?

    I just got 43mph on my Fiido T1, a hybrid e-Bike, & averaged around 40mph down the whole mountain, & was surprised at how stable it felt, & what a fun ride it was! 😂👍 The only thing that happened I rattled my M5 out of my kickstand, but other than that, it felt really sturdy at those speeds. I...
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    First Time buyer looking for opinions on daily use hybrid ebike, with throttle

    Look at a Fiido T1, & see if that suits your needs, it checks of the list most of the requirements your looking for. I had mine for Uber a month & got over 1k miles already. Mind you, I was pretty much bedridden & gave up on life from fighting off Covid twice & almost dying, & being diagnosed...
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    1k+ review on Fiido T1

    Hello fellow e-Bike enthusiasts, today I'm doing a 1k review on the Fiido T1 Cargo/Utility e-Bike. It comes with a rear hub 750w Bafang Motor, a 48V/20Ah/960Wh battery, which I get between 45-75 miles, depending how hard I ride it. It comes with a rear rack, with actually a nice looking piece...