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    Hearing aid user

    I'm currently looking for hearing aids. The prices are really high, but I wonder whether a higher price always means better quality.
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    Disc brake rubbing noise on 2022 Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH

    I faced this problem. Later I read here that poor alignment of the brake caliper with the disc rotor is the most common cause of rubbing disc brakes. The brake caliper should be centered on the rotor. Without it, there will be an annoying...
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    Trip Planning

    Good info here, thanks. I'm planning my first long trip and I need to prepare my bicycle. It is about safety, so it is important. I also surfed the Internet and found a good article on the topic It provided me with some helpful tips and I think I...
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    Modern history tv series

    I can't consider myself to be a big fan of history series, but this one is really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I should say, I didn't watch documentaries much, but since I found a way by link to make my internet connection secure, I started using more sources and gave several doc series a...
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    Buying a House Advice Thread

    Great topic and advice here! Thanks! We are going to buy our first house but are clueless about many things. It is great to learn from the experiences of others.
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    So what's your other hobbies or interests?

    I like playing basketball and volleyball. Great activities to keep fit and have a good time.
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    Going to document my weight loss

    I tried various diets. Though it is considered to be the most important change for weight loss, it turned out hard for me to lose weight. I did exercises at home, but I saw the best result only when I started riding. Moreover, it is much more fun than workouts.
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    Water Bottles

    I bought Podium Chill insulated water bottle on Amazon. I like it.
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    How do you keep rust of your bike/bolts/parts

    There is no need for a new chain until and unless your whole chain is covered in severe rust, which is not possible to treat at all. I agree that it depends on your chain condition. For me, the easiest solution is to use a chain cleaner. If the problem is serious, you can try chemical rust...
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    Hi everyone

    Thanks! It is great to learn from the experience of others! I'm glad you can enjoy riding regardless of your health issues. I hope to have such an opportunity soon :)
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    Flying Australia to Vietnam with battery?

    One more vote here. I also think that renting an e-bike in Vietnam would be a cheaper option.
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    New zealand is open again

    I should say, the places you visited look amazing! I've never been to New Zealand, but now I add it to the list of my dream travel destinations.
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    Songs to re-set you

    Good list! Thanks! I guess I'll add these songs to my playlist :)
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    Book review

    Great info, thanks!
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    Hi everyone

    Hi! I'm from New York and I'm thinking about buying an e-bike. I like cycling, and currently, I'm riding a hybrid bike. But since I face some issues with my knees, I think switching to an e-bike would be a wise decision.