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    [For Sale] 2021 Hydra - Medium Archon X1 - Seattle, WA - $4250

    Bump - Lowered price at $4250
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    [For Sale] 2021 Watt Wagons Hydra - Medium - 2300W Archon X1 - 700 Miles - Seattle, WA

    Selling my medium sized Watt Wagons Hydra. I paid $6,400 in June 2021 and it was delivered in late October 2021. I've put a little more than 700 miles on it since, mostly on the road. Would like to get $5000 $4750 for it. Reason for selling is that I have almost exclusively been riding my...
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    [For Sale] 2021 Hydra - Medium Archon X1 - Seattle, WA - $4250

    As the title states I'm contemplating selling my Hydra. I paid $6,400 in June 2021 and it was delivered in late October 2021. I've put a little more than 700 miles on it since. Asking $5000 $4250. Reason for selling is that with my weight (140lb) it's just a bit too much bike to wrestle with...
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    Magura front brake shudder

    Just an FYI if anyone hasn't mentioned it yet, you don't actually have to remove the caliper to swap the 1 piece pads, you just need to remove the wheel and push the pistons in a bit with a (clean) plastic tire iron. My front Magura brakes make a shuddering noise (but the power is consistent)...
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    All's quiet on the WW front

    If the cracks are circular that sounds almost like just a paint-level defect to me, but @Leon S. Kennedy is correct, carbon fiber fails in a sudden brittle failure unlike metals which experience ductile failure (with deformation).
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    Watts Wagon Hydra For Sale

    Wow, this thing is LOADED, haven't seen Sram AXS on one of these yet! Good luck with the sale and sorry about your foot!
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    Luna X2 Impressions (Hydra Comparison)

    He ended up buying a GX shifter because the cable would jam in the SX shifter pretty much every time he rode the bike. It was not good. Brakes still suck, the Sram Guide G2 or whatever are not good and I would not recommend anyone put these on an ebike. Maybe with better than stock pads, but...
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    Luna X2 Impressions (Hydra Comparison)

    I've got a medium Hydra and it works great for me at 5'9" but the reach is actually quite long. I honestly wouldn't mind a small, but I ended up buying a non-powered mountain bike for trail riding so having a small nimble ride for trails doesn't matter as much for my ebike anymore. I'll edit...
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    Hydra as a commuter?

    I've had similar issues with rotor rub, not actually on my ebike but on my other mtb. I installed MT7 Pros on my Santa Cruz Bronson - it took a couple of weeks of adjusting the calipers and truing the rotors to get it to a point where it was not rubbing. I've got 203mm Storm HC front and 180mm...
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    Hydra has landed!

    WW sent me a new cassette when I asked them about chain skipping, though they sent me a Shimano SLX 11-40T which would've been fine if it had a 46T or 50T. I ended up using the three smallest cogs from the Shimano and then keeping the rest of the Sunrace cassette on there. I'd recommend...
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    Throttle that works

    Yes I did, I used the stock throttle that came with the bike. Haven't been on the forums much lately!
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    Hydra Black - Has anyone received theirs yet?

    I ended up ordering the MT5e levers from a company in Germany for about $120 for both and installed them on an afternoon. The wires were tucked up into the frame above the upper battery cradle. The worst part was fishing the wires out through the cable management holes. I'd say it was worth it...
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    Luna X2 Impressions (Hydra Comparison)

    I think I just Googled it lol. This geometrygeeks link came up.
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    Throttle that works

    Yeah I documented in one of my threads about the Honeywell SS49E hall-effect sensor replacement. I had gotten inspiration from another user. It made a huge difference in the throttle usability, it was no longer all or nothing and had a much more linear response.
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    Luna X2 Impressions (Hydra Comparison)

    I found a geometry comparison of the Dengfu E10 (M600) frame, does Luna say what size the frames are in inches?
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    Luna X2 Impressions (Hydra Comparison)

    Dang, that's annoying. The large that my friend has is REALLY big. Like, seriously huge. I can hardly ride it at 5'9". My medium Hydra is honestly pretty big for me too, with a reach of 480mm. I'm more comfortable around 430-450mm.
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    How can I get a status update on an order?

    Yeah I did get lucky, though I had some issues as well (the color is wrong, wrong fork/shock, chain slap damaged my chainstay on the first ride, high gear slipping). I've fixed the drivetrain issues by spacing out my chainring and putting a Garbaruk cage and Wolftooth goat link on my derailleur...
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    New Team Hydra Member

    I have a Fox 36 on my Santa Cruz Bronson and I like the DVO D2/E2 on my Hydra WAY more. It's a lot smoother over small bump chatter and rattles my hands less, without bottoming out over big hits because of the way they've designed their "off the top" system.
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    Luna X2 Impressions (Hydra Comparison)

    After my friend has had it for a few weeks and I've gotten to ride it a couple of times, I've decided that the stock motor controller is NOT powerful enough lol. Order the Luna controller if you buy one. It shipped with a Sram SX shifter which jams almost every time he rides the bike, so buy a...